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5@5: Perfect Day picks up $25M for 'animal-free dairy' | Freeze puts California's almond crop at risk

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February 28, 2018

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5@5: Perfect Day picks up $25M for 'animal-free dairy' | Freeze puts California's almond crop at risk

Watch out, cows. Yeast is gunning to be the next dairy disruptor

After raising a nearly $25 million in Series A funding, food tech company Perfect Day has shifted its focused from finished products to ingredients. It’s hoping that large food brands will be interested in its patented milk proteins as a replacement for casein and whey. The company alters sections of DNA of food-grade yeast so that, through fermentation, it creates those key proteins without ever needing a cow. That’s a proposition that could appeal to eco-friendly consumers who are ditching resource-intensive dairy products and switching to plant-based milks. Read more at Quartz…


Freeze leaves California’s almond growers fearing ‘significant’ damage

The threat of freezing temperatures and frost in California’s San Joaquin Valley—the hub of almond production—have some worried about damage to the almond crop and, ultimately, higher prices. The Blue Diamond Growers Cooperative, which includes more than 3,000 growers, warned that all almond varieties are at risk of loss when temps fall below 28 degrees. Other key agricultural commodities in the area, like citrus fruits, peaches and plums, are also at risk. Read more at CNBC…


Why this female founder is investing in organic agriculture for her clothing startup

Meet Satva, an organic athleisure brand developed by Indian entrepreneurs Puja Barar, who brought design expertise from her time in the fashion industry, and Sameer Mehra, who was the managing director at ingredient company Suminter India Organics. They worked directly with organic cotton farmers in India to build a supply chain, secured Global Organic Textile Standard certification and set up a give-back model to fund scholarship programs for young girls in India. Within six months of launching, the brand got picked up by Whole Foods Market. But getting into athletic apparel stores, which tend to focus on performance-based fabrics, has been a tougher endeavor. Read more at Forbes…


French food waste law changing how grocery stores approach excess food

At least anecdotally, a 2016 law that banned grocery stores from throwing out edible food has consequently boosted donations to food banks and made more fresh food products available to people who rely on them. It also seems to have laid the foundation for new businesses that help grocery stores better manage their inventory. Read more at NPR…


Why authenticity is a key ingredient to entrepreneurial success, and how to make sure you have it

Hiring authentic people, recognizing your weaknesses and talking to everyone are just some of the steps toward becoming effective leader. Read more at My San Antonio…

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