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January 17, 2019

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New ‘planetary health diet’ can save lives and the planet, major review suggests

A team of scientists from across the globe have developed a diet that could stave off malnutrition and diet-related ailments while also reducing further damage to the planet. The diet recommends a 2500 daily caloric intake largely comprised of whole food and plant-based fare. To enable all people to follow the diet, the scientists outline five strategies that range from incentivizing farmers to the use of social protections for low-income groups to avoid poor nutrition. Read more at CNN …


Are ‘healthy’ snacks actually good for you?


The market for people who wouldn’t eat potato chips outright, but would if they could feel good about it, is enormous. This explains the boom in “healthy” chips, pretzels and other CPG products that are typically, at least nutritionally, only marginally better than the regular versions. While most consumers will admit awareness that these products aren’t genuinely healthy if pressed, this article argues that reinventing the chip using “nutritionally woke” marketing allows shoppers to avoid the guilt that often comes with purchasing junk food outright. Read more at Vox 


A new era of click-and-collect technology might bring Amazon and retailers closer together

Click-and-collect, the consumer practice of buying a product online and picking it up in-store, could allow retailers to set themselves apart from Amazon as well as foster a “coopetition” model that “expands on both parties’ strengths.” For example, brick-and-mortar retailers could act as streamlined drop-off points for customer returns to online retailers, driving foot traffic and allowing these stores to market and cross-sell to a bigger audience. Amazon, in turn, could partner with retailers other than Whole Foods to expand its footprint without having to build new stores. Read more at Forbes 


Mushroom magic: Why the latest health fad might be on to something

Functional mushrooms, such as reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane, are experiencing a well-earned moment in the spotlight. Mushrooms have been traditionally associated with medicinal properties for millennia, and a new wave of packaged goods offers consumers a better-tasting intro to the category than was previously available. However, lax FDA regulations surrounding these supplement and functional food companies are giving some customers pause in terms of how to choose safe and effective brands. Read more at The Guardian …


The top 25 grocery chains with the most loyal shoppers in America

Brand-loyal consumers are hot commodities in the grocery world, and for good reason—these shoppers can bolster sales in a huge way. In this article, advertising platform inMarket found out which grocery chains inspired the most loyalty from customers in 2018. See which beloved grocery stores rose to the top in this analysis of anonymous location data from roughly 50 million grocery shoppers. Read more at Business Insider  

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