5@5: 'Prime' pork lawsuit against Tyson, Fresh Market | Lab-grown meat's texture innovation

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October 21, 2019

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Fresh Market and Tyson Foods accused of deceiving consumers over ‘prime’ pork

A recent lawsuit accuses Tyson Foods and Fresh Market of deceiving consumers through its use of the word “prime” in relation to pork. Pork is not graded by USDA in the same way that beef is, and plaintiffs who purchased the product say that they paid more money than they would have had they known this fact. Read more at The Sun Sentinel

Real texture for lab-grown meat

Lab-cultured meat is set to mimic the texture of real meat thanks to edible gelatin scaffolds that Harvard researchers found allow the muscle cells to mimic the texture and consistency of real meat. Eventually, scientists believe it will be possible to design meats with specific textures, tastes and nutritional profiles. Read more at Harvard News

Pod Foods is bringing its food distribution network to New York

Pod Foods, a company that helps emerging food brands navigate the complexities of the wholesale food distribution system, is expanding to New York. Pod Foods is partnering with New York-based distribution company Spense and hopes that an assets acquisition and integration of the Spense network into its business will give the company a head start in the area. Read more at Built In NYC

Could this tree be an eco-friendly way to wean Indonesian farmers off palm oil?

Planting new, sustainable agroforests comprised of the damar tree could be a way forward for Indonesians looking to switch from destructive palm oil planting practices. The Indonesian government is currently planning to increase the country’s community-owned forest lands to 12.7 million hectares. Read more at NPR

Singapore Airlines is redefining fresh airline food

Singapore Airlines’ new “farm-to-plane” meal menu on a flight from Newark Liberty Airport to Singapore’s Changi Airport is the result of a partnership with vertical farm company AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey. The airlines will serve fresh greens from the farm to business class passengers but hopes to expand the venture to premium economy passengers in the near future. Read more at CN Traveler

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