5@5: 'Recycled' waste clogs landfills | Plant-based butter wars

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February 21, 2020

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America's 'recycled' plastic waste is clogging landfills, survey finds

A new report reveals that fewer than 15% out of 367 recycling recovery facilities in the U.S. can process plastic clamshells, and zero of them are able to recycle coffee pods. Still, consumers continue to put so-called "mixed plastics" into their recycling bins, which ends up costing recycling facilities to get rid of. Greenpeace released a statement to accompany this report threatening to file federal complaints against manufacturers that mislead the public about their packaging's ability to be recycled. Read more at The Guardian

Plant-based butter is margarine with better marketing

Over a third of Americans wish to add more plant-based foods into their diets, which has led to a rise in plant-based butter alternatives. But unlike plant-based milk, it's technically illegal for margarine-makers to advertise their products as plant butter thanks to the Butter Act of 1886. However, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to step in even though studies show that margarine is the less nutritious option. Read more at Heated

The fat around arteries seems to have an important job

The fat surrounding our arteries has been found to play an important role in the proper functioning of blood vessels; specifically, it secretes substances that can cause the vessels to both relax and contract. This powerful element of the artery has been ignored by the scientific community for years, with scientists only focusing on its three inner layers. Read more at Futurity

Grocers wrest control of shelf space from struggling food giants

Retailers are beginning to rely on their own proprietary research rather than allowing big brands to tell them where to place their products on shelf. This has significantly diminished the power of decades-old packaged food companies that at one point were viewed and relied upon as the experts in their respective food categories. As a former Kroger executive explains, the relationship between retailers and food makers is increasingly based on cold, hard facts and figures. Read more at The Wall Street Journal

Nestle commits to global plant-based innovation as vegan food becomes mainstream

The plant-based market obviously presents a massive opportunity for food industry giants such as Nestle to take advantage of, so it makes sense that the company is reportedly "ramping up innovation around plant-based products, especially in the ready-made meals category." In addition to this, Nestle plans to focus on beefing up (pun intended) its plant-based meat repetoire. Read more at Green Queen

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