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September 13, 2016

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5@5: Sugar industry's not-so-sweet influence | The problem with organic Gatorade

How the sugar industry shifted blame to fat

Documents recently discovered and published in JAMA International Medicine suggest that a sugar industry trade group paid a group of influential researchers to publish a review of sugar, fat and heart research that downplayed the link between sugar and cardiovascular risk nearly 50 years ago. That review, and the researchers, went on to help shape nutrition policy in the U.S. Read more at The New York Times...


The organic Gatorade illusion

The Atlantic's health editor, James Hamblin, MD, explains how PepsiCo's launch of an organic version of Gatorade stands to further confuse consumers who who aren't clear that an organic sugar-laden beverage is still a sugar-laden beverage. "A socially conscious cerebral cortex may be drawn to organically farmed sugar over inorganically farmed sugar, but a pancreas makes no such distinction," he writes. Read more at The Atlantic...


Organic Valley will buy the Farmers Creamery Cooperative facility in Oregon

The nation's largest organic dairy cooperative announced it will buy and renovate the Farmers Creamery Cooperative in McMinnville, Ore., bringing the total number of farmers it represents to 1,800 in 36 states. Read more at Capital Press...


Can a vegan diet give you all you need? German scientists say 'nein'

Berlin has experienced a boom in enthusiasm for plant-based eating. But the German Nutrition Society says it's "difficult or impossible to attain an adequate supply of some nutrients," like vitamin B-12 and omega-3s, from a vegan diet. The group's new position paper recommends that children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, don't follow a vegan diet. Read more at NPR...


Seventh Generation embraces bioplastics

With a vision of using packaging made completely from recycled or bio-based materials by 2020, Seventh Generation has introduced a new laundry detergent bottle that's partially made of a bio-based material made from Brazilian sugarcane, instead of petroleum-based plastics that it had previously been using. Read more at Packaging World...

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