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January 11, 2019

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Taco Bell

Yesterday, Taco Bell announced its seven commitments for 2019, one being to “be even easier and better for vegetarians and flexitarians.” Subsequently, the chain is planning to test out its first exclusively vegetarian menu in stores soon. The company has also promised to focus on implementing more environmentally friendly practices, such as upping its recycling efforts and using only sustainable beef. Read more at Refinery29 …


Britain overtakes Germany to become the vegan capital of the world with the most plant-based products launched in supermarkets


Retail analysts have found that U.K. supermarkets launched the most plant-based products in 2018, upending Germany's long-held title as the vegan capital of the world. One in six new food products in the country were found to be plant-based, which is double the 8 percent from 2015. The article notes that young Brits are leading the charge for largely ethical reasons, causing chains and high-street restaurants alike to offer vegan and vegetarian versions of traditionally meat-filled fare. Read more at The Daily Mail 


Dog food made with insect larvae goes on sale in UK

Did you know that the carbon footprint of a pet dog can double that of a 4x4? Yora, a new dry kibble made from Black Soldier Fly larvae, aims to change that unfortunate fact by providing protein without the meat and fish that is typically implemented. Founder Tom Neish believes that pets are not meant to be put on vegan or vegetarian diets, and that insects are “just as good if not better as a source of nutrition." Read more at The Standard 


Amazon Dash buttons judged to breach consumer rules in Germany

Amazon’s Dash buttons are facing complaints from a German consumer watchdog for not providing enough information about the purchase when the button is pressed. The company’s terms also allow it to substitute the desired product for one of a higher price. The Munich court has officially sided with watchdog group and agrees that Amazon “should inform consumers about price and product before taking the order, rather than after the purchase." Read more at Tech Crunch …


Battle of the hipsters: Heath food café refuses to serve soy milk because it is ‘highly processed’—infuriating dairy-dodging vegans

A health food café in Sydney has refused to serve soy milk in its beverages (coconut and almond milk are, notably, still on the menu) for being “highly processed.” Vegetarians and vegans who frequent the chain argue that the chain’s bacon and other animal product-laden dishes are just as harmful as soymilk. However, owner and chef Anthony Milotic believes that the beverage’s phytates “bind minerals like zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium” and makes these minerals inaccessible for humans. Read more at The Daily Mail  

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