5@5: The non-GMO, non-browning apple | First THC-infused beer hits market

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November 13, 2018

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5@5: The non-GMO, non-browning apple | First THC-infused beer hits market


The Opal, a ‘non-browning apple’ is here—and it’s made without any GMOs

Opals, the only non-browning non-GMO apple grown in the U.S., only began widely circulating in 2015. The Opal is a cross between the Topaz apple and the Golden Delicious apple; due to a particularly low rate of brownness-causing enzyme polyphenol oxidase, it turns far later than the usual apple. This quality makes the lesser-known Opal the perfect choice for sliced-up snacks and baked goods. Read more at Mic ...


Blue Moon's founding brewer pops top on pot-infused beer

CERIA Brewing Co., a new venture from the inventor of Blue Moon Belgian Wheat, will soon be offering an alcohol-free ale that contains five milligrams of THC to consumers in Colorado and California. The beverage marks the first THC-infused beer on the U.S. market; CERIA Brewing Co. skirts around the federal law prohibiting marijuana in beer because the beverage does not contain any alcohol. Read more at USA Today 


Gastrograph AI closes $4M Series A to predict consumer flavor preferences of food and beverages

New York City-based company Gastrograph uses an AI predictive analytics system that formulates taste profiles for products to better suit a given culture or demographic. This means that a product formulated for teenagers in the U.S. can be tweaked to better succeed, for example, with the same age group in Japan. Investors in Gastrograph are comprised of mainly Asian companies, which CEO Jason Cohen attributes to these companies’ willingness to adopt AI solutions for product development without fearing AI as competition. Read more at Ag Funder News  …


Kellogg exploring sale of Keebler, Famous Amos and fruit snacks business

Year to date, Kellogg’s shares are down 5.41 percent, and this struggle with slowing growth has prompted the company to return to its roots. The company will be refocusing its efforts on its breakfast and frozen foods brands, such as Eggo waffles and Froot Loops, which make up about 80 percent of the company’s revenue. Brands that are up for grabs include Keebler, Famous Amos, Murray and Mother’s Cookies and Stretch Island fruit snacks. Read more at CNBC …


It’s now possible to know the very farm your turkey came from

Whole-bird turkey retailer Jennie-O Turkey Store will now include on its labels which home farm a given turkey is from. Origin labels allow retailers to offer traceability, accountability and distinction from other brands to consumers. The increasing consumer desire for knowledge about where our food comes from is all part of the nation’s evolving food values, according to Laurie Demeritt, chief executive of consumer foods research firm the Hartman Group. Read more at Star Tribune …

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