5@5: 'Tons' of unharvested produce wasted in California | Scientists hunt down wild relatives of common crops

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December 3, 2019

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Study shows tons of unharvested produce left to rot in California fields

Researchers have found from surveilling 20 different hand-picked crops on 140 Californian fields that massive amounts of food are going to waste, even as many Bay area families struggle with food security. High consumer expectations for produce and price drops due to oversupply are two reasons farmers are finding it cheaper to let produce go bad in the fields. Read more at CBS San Francisco... 

Raiders of the lost crops: Scientists race against time to save genetic diversity

Over 100 scientists in 24 countries have banded together to collect wild relatives of popular domestic crops. The Crop Trust Project aims to make sure that such varieties are available in seed form regardless of whether climate change decimates them in their natural habitats so as to preserve genetic diversity for the future, in addition to improving disease resistance in many domesticated crops. Read more at NPR...

The misbegotten promise of anaerobic digesters

Anaerobic digesters theoretically takes the waste from cows, pigs and chickens raised for human consumption and turns it into a source of renewable energy. But while federal and state agencies are investing millions into this technology, they may not be necessary at all, especially if more farmers begin switching to sustainable, pasture-based systems. Read more at New Food Economy...

Carlyle's Acosta files bankruptcy as marketing budgets wane

Acosta Inc., a marketing firm with rivals including Crossmark Holdings Inc. and Advantage Solutions Inc., has filed for bankruptcy after a slew of big clients have chosen to handle more of their marketing efforts themselves. Companies are catering as fast as possible to rapidly changing consumer behavior, which has led to less of an opening for outside marketing firms to step in. Read more at Bloomberg...

Conference planners seek food truck experience (actual truck optional)

Food truck operators are tailoring their menus for corporate clients to support the rising demand for food truck fare from hotels and tech company employees. Event planners, however, are revealing that many of these food trucks are actually fake because it makes for smoother logistics. Read more at The New York Times...

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