5@5: Ultra-processed foods linked to higher risk of death | KIND 'all-natural' litigation reopened

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February 13, 2019

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Eating ultra-processed foods can lead to a higher risk of death, study finds

A new French study analyzed the diets of more than 44,000 middle-aged adults and “found that a 10 percent increase in the proportion of ultra-processed food consumption was linked to a 14 percent increase in the risk of mortality.” This category is mainly comprised of ready-to-eat meals or snacks, often contain high sugar, saturated fat and salt content; the majority of ultra-processed food consumers are younger, have lower incomes, lower education levels, live alone and aren’t as active according to the study. Read more at Fortune …


Judge lifts stay on KIND ‘all natural’ litigation


A Manhattan-based federal judge “has restarted multidistrict litigation accusing KIND LLC of mislabeling its snack products as ‘all natural’ and ‘non-GMO" when they contain synthetic and genetically modified ingredients. The stay was lifted after the judge realized that the FDA had no immediate plans to issue revised guidelines regarding when “natural” could be used on food labels. Read more at Reuters 


The future of meat is vegan

Cellular agriculture, in addition to plant-based substitutes, are set to put livestock farms out of business–and soon. Because fostering animal tissue growth outside of the body may seem too sci fi a concept for the average consumer, changing society’s perceptions regarding the viability of animal-free food is of the utmost importance for advocates of the movement. But how should we go about avoiding “replacing the meat business with another, more technically advanced model”? And will people buy into it? Read more at New Republic …


Garden Fresh founder bids to buy company back from Campbell Soup Co.

Jack Aronson, founder of Garden Fresh Gourmet, has teamed up with two other investors to buy back the popular salsa company from Campbell. Aronson has stated that he is worried the company could be moved out of its longtime Ferndale location, taking jobs away from the roughly 450 workers there. Campbell has stated that it is working to complete the deal by July. Read more at Crains Detroit …


Retailers are shopping for ways to get rid of checkout lines

The software that makes cashier-less stores possible has advanced enough to where facial recognition—a huge drawback for many consumers—isn’t a must. Instead, stores such as Amazon Go are relying on tailored smartphone apps to complete purchases and streamline time spent in-store. Many startups and retailers are viewing autonomous checkout as the next big thing—and for good reason. Analysts from RBC Capital Markets calculated sales for Amazon Go stores and found they added up to twice the sales of a conventional convenience store. Read more at Star Tribune  

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