5@5: UN forecasts global food shortage | Police deliver groceries to vulnerable consumers

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April 1, 2020

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UN warns of global food shortage caused by COVID-19 measures

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has advocated that governments continue to support free trade to ensure the flow of food around the globe goes undisrupted. Restricting exports, as some countries have begun to do, will only lead to a decline in food production according to the groups chief economist. Read more at The Hill


In rural America, cops are delivering groceries to vulnerable residents

Rural law enforcement agencies are taking on the role of grocery deliverers to support the elderly and immunocompromised individuals. Access to a steady supply fresh food in these areas, where many local grocery stores have shut down in the face of big-box competition, is often difficult to come by, and of the stores that are open most do not have an established delivery service program. Read more at CNN...


COVID-19 pandemic could shift our focus to a more locally sourced food supply

The current homogenized, centralized food system that is controlled by a select few individuals has many flaws. But amid the current pandemic, local food sales have skyrocketed. And this shift supports the small- to mid-sized farmers who tend to care deeply about their fellow producers, their communities and sustainable growing methods. Read more at The Boston Globe


Monsanto predicted crop system would damage US farmers

Agriculture giant Monsanto knew for years that its new agricultural seed and chemical system would wreak havoc on American farmland. The company purposefully downplayed the risks of its products when selling to farmers and opposed third-party product testing that would have raised red flags for regulators. Read more at The Guardian


Onetime relic, then hipster fad, milkmen embrace flood of clients

Consumers are clamoring for milkmen, with one such service reporting an uptick of over 700 customers in the last month. While seemingly antiquated, today's milkment market themselves as champions of local and environmentally sustainable products. Read more at The New York Times

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