5@5: World hunger rises | Plastic straws persist | Organic egg fraud

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July 16, 2019

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5@5: World hunger rises | Plastic straws persist | Organic egg fraud

World hunger rises with climate shocks, conflict and economic slumps

The United Nationals Food and Agriculture Organization reported that the “combined forces of climate change, conflict and economic stagnation” are increasing rates of hunger and food insecurity. Those countries that are experiencing economic declines—or those that never recovered from the global economic downturn circa 2008—are particularly vulnerable. Read more at Inside Climate News …

People make it so hard to ditch plastic straws

Restaurants and bars that have made the switch from plastic to metal straws are finding them much more likely to disappear with customers. Metal straws are relatively expensive and energy-intensive to produce compared to plastic straws, so if they aren’t used enough after being stolen “they may well be worse for the environment than their plastic peers." Read more at Bloomberg …

More than a million hens, filling barns at three per square foot. And yes, they’re USDA Organic

More than 1 in 10 cartons of organic eggs sold in the U.S. originates from a complex that is crowded with over 1.6 million hens—approximately three to a square foot—which has stoked the ire of animal welfare activists and organic supporters alike. One member of the Organic Consumers Association stated that the operation is “damaging to the entire industry." Read more at The Chicago Tribune …

Vancouver company hooking sushi restaurants with plant-based fish

Top Tier Foods Inc. is partnering with plant-based fish company Ocean Hugger foods to produce vegan sushi using Ocean Hugger’s plant-based raw tuna product, Ahimi. Blair Bullus, president of Top Tier Foods Inc., is targeting the increasing number of flexitarians in Canada in addition to vegans and vegetarians looking to up their protein intake. Read more at Daily Hive …

Why top-to-bottom rebrands are all the rage

Big brand redesigns have been abundant across the board in the past several years, but the most recent batch “can often be traced back to disruption or opportunity caused by digital commerce, including the rise of direct-to-consumer brands.” People are shopping using smaller screens now, and companies need to adapt their logo and identity systems for the mobile experience or risk seeming dated. Read more at Adage …

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