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July 30, 2010

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Corporate profile: Xlear

Xlear Inc.
PO Box 970911
Orem, Utah 84097

Contact: Chad Thomas, [email protected], 877.599.532

Company Overview
Founded in 2000, Xlear, Inc. is recognized as the leading manufacturer of xylitol products, and one of the largest importers of xylitol in the United States. Xlear, Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the health benefits of xylitol by manufacturing all-natural, health-enhancing products based on the sweetener found in wood, fruits and vegetables.

Xlear, Inc. distributes Xlear®, a patented nasal wash, through pharmacies and natural food stores across the country. Xlear, Inc. has also developed a complete line of dental health products called the SpryTM Dental Defense System, which brings the antibacterial qualities of xylitol into the fight against tooth decay. Xlear, Inc. also distributes XyloSweet TM, a xylitol powder used as a sugar substitute in cooking, baking and general consumption; and SparX®, a xylitol-sweetened candy.

Company History
A few years before Xlear, Inc. was founded, Dr. Lon Jones, a general practice physician, was treating his granddaughter for a persistent ear infection and conducting extensive research on antibiotic immunities and alternative treatments. His studies lead him to a large volume of research done in Finland about the beneficial effects of xylitol chewing gum on upper respiratory health in children.

Dr. Jones then determined that a more direct delivery of this agent to the sinus tissues should have an even better result, so he mixed xylitol powder into a mild saline solution and administered it to his granddaughter in a nasal spray. In hours her condition improved, and was completely cleared in only a few days – all with a natural solution.

Dr. Jones soon began dispensing this solution to other patients, and the results were astounding. In 2000, Nathan Jones, Dr. Jones’ son, founded Xlear, Inc. in order to make the nasal wash commercially available. Since then, the company has expanded its research, product development and distribution of xylitol-based products.

Sold direct to retailers

What makes Xlear unique?
Xlear sweetens all of our products with 100% all-natural Xylitol without any fillers, flow agents, or additives.

What retailers may not know about Xlear:
Xlear continues to innovate, create and distribute the highest quality products available, including a new candy line, called Sparx® that actually may reduce the risk of tooth decay as it is consumed.

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