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Get ahead with Dermylex
Advitech's Dermylex decreases the severity of psoriasis in patients with mild-to-moderate forms of the condition, and improves quality of life. These results were found in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on human subjects.
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Remember Enzymotec's Sharp-PS
Enzymotec's Sharp-PS brand phosphatidylserine improved memory and attention parameters in a 12-week study of 30 elderly subjects with memory complaints. Subjects' cognitive performance was assessed using a computerized assessment battery. This trial is one among several trials conducted by Enzymotec in order to support the clinical efficacy of the company's products.
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Loquoro brings it down
A new open-label clinical study assessed the effects of Loquoro Plus novel loquat leaf, 3 per cent corosolic acid, on body-weight parameters and glucose levels. Intervention at an early stage (prediabetes), as well as early stages of being overweight or obese in children may have a significant impact in reducing the onset of full-blown type II diabetes. The ingredient is offered by OptiPure brand/Kenko International.
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Fonterra probiotic reduces eczema in infants
A probiotic isolated by Fonterra has been shown to be effective in reducing the occurrence of eczema in young children by nearly 50 per cent. The two-year trial of probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain HN001, marketed under the DR20 brand, also showed that by the age of two, infants who had been given DR20, but who contracted eczema, had less-severe symptoms than children who had not taken DR20.
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