How Cappello's supports wellness one almond at a time

Cappello's Co-Founder Ben Frohlichstein discusses the ways in which the company is meeting customer demands and responding to modern health concerns—while never compromising on goodness.

Adrienne Smith, Content Director

October 7, 2020

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Cappello's Pizza

Tucking into a slice of Cappello’s pizza, it’s clear that this brand is more about what is in its products than what isn’t. Sure, Cappello’s products are 100% grain and gluten free, as well as free from additives or other unpronounceable ingredients, but the true gustatory magic comes from the real, whole-food ingredients that are used to make the brand’s frozen pizzas, pastas and cookie doughs.

Foremost is almond flour, the cornerstone of Cappello’s products and the company’s culinary calling card. These nutritionally dense nuts are not only responsible for the delicious taste of its salty and savory product lines, but they also contribute protein, fiber and healthy fats.

Almond flour is joined by other ingredients, including cage-free eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, whole milk mozzarella, organic maple syrup and cassava flour—but the brand eschews any soy, corn, rice, wheat, legumes or modified starches.

The result is not only satisfyingly delicious, but also suitable for followers of a grain-free diet—many of whom share growing concerns about common modern health issues including food Ben Frohlichstein

allergies, inflammation and autoimmune disorders. 

Below, Ben Frohlichstein (right), Cappello’s co-founder and co-CEO, talks about the company’s mission to continue to support consumers on their path to wellness.

What do you think consumers are looking for when they choose your products?

Our consumers are looking for something that will fill their dietary needs, whether that’s grain-free or otherwise, with foods that offer real, simple ingredients in a way that is absolutely delicious. We’ve also found that our base products spark creativity for our buyers and they are able to use things like our Almond Flour Spaghetti and Naked Crust to recreate their personal favorite dishes in a way that still fulfills their need for better-for-you foods.

Do you think grain-free and gluten-free consumer lifestyles will drive the natural products market and product development in the future?

Our team is committed to coming up with new and exciting frozen-fresh, grain-free foods so that truly everyone will be able to enjoy them. We’ve always wanted to be sure that those with dietary restrictions have an option that never compromises on taste or texture and that is truly delicious and simple. For those reasons, we are still spending time in the grain-free space and will continue to create foods that can be eaten by all and use our hero ingredient, almond flour.

How and why do your products speak to people’s growing concerns about health and wellness? 

We have always aimed to shift the prepackaged paradigm in a health-forward direction and our team is passionate about having products that are truly nutritious options in the freezer aisle. We have some of the cleanest ingredient ledgers on the market by using simple elements like almond flour, cage-free eggs and sea salt and we think that speaks to how our consumers are looking for foods. People have become increasingly health conscious and our products truly deliver simple, real-food offerings that they can feel good about consuming and giving to their families. 

Do you think product innovation is still important to consumers and retailers in these uncertain times?

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to seamlessly make cooking at home easier and by creating products that have convenient cook times, taste delicious and are very simple, we think that innovation is still key. By continuing to create new and comforting products, retailers will have more products that appeal to the masses and consumers will love having quick, easy options for meals. 

Health and mission are two things that consumers value more than ever before. How do your products spark change in people’s lives and beyond?

Our team are big believers in the science of how a grain-free diet can improve your health by reducing inflammation, increasing energy and cognitive function, reducing symptoms for autoimmune disorders and nurturing a healthy gut. We’ve seen the health benefits of taking out grains first-hand from some of our customers and know that cutting out grains truly can have a healing effect on some people’s bodies. We hope that by providing delicious grain-free options, consumers can feel more comfortable with cutting out foods that cause inflammation and make their lives just a bit easier and more enjoyable. 

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