How Spinster Sisters uses customer engagement to fuel marketing efforts

Here, Spinster Sisters CEO and founder Kelly Perkins explains why it's beneficial for natural brands to promote a message of healthy, clean and sustainable living during a time when many consumers are strapped for cash.

Kira Hunter, Content Producer and Personal Care Editor

August 18, 2020

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Spinster Sisters

Natural personal care brand Spinster Sisters' mission is squarely based on safety and sustainability. At its wind- and solar-powered "Microsoapery," the company churns out soaps, hand sanitizers, bath bombs and more to help satiate consumers' growing desire for all-natural personal care alternatives. Below, CEO and founder Kelly Perkins delves into the benefits of working for a women-owned business, the ripple effects of sourcing locally and garnering loyal consumers through supporting the community.

How does being a certified women-owned company inform Spinster Sisters’ mission? 

Kelly Perkins: To be a global leader in skin care requires a greater reach and business growth. Being a certified women-owned company gives us more opportunities to acquire new corporate customers, contracts and networking and educational programs to help us grow. An empowered workforce is important to our mission as well, and employees can take inspiration from strong, female leadership. Our certification is a symbol of our internal culture.

What are some highlights of Spinster Sisters’ ongoing sustainability efforts?

KP: Our wind and solar-powered Microsoapery ensures we have the lowest possible impact on the environment from our production. All of our skin care products are safe, gentle, hypoallergenic, sulfate-, phthalate- and paraben-free. Whenever possible, we source locally or through fair trade. We use easily recognizable ingredients that are biodegradable and safe for environment. Our packaging uses recycled, recyclable, dissolvable or biodegradable materials.

Can you elaborate on the importance of sourcing locally for the business? 

KP: Sourcing locally is important for us to engage and support our community. It also supports our sustainability efforts by cutting down on fuel emissions since it uses less fuel to transport goods across town instead of across the country or continents. We can also increase speed to market if we can get our supplies faster. We are implementing a supplier code of conduct, and using local suppliers makes it easier to maintain our ethical integrity. 

How have consumers responded to Spinster Sisters’ community engagement initiatives? 

KP: In better times, we provided tours of our warehouse, and have even hosted some team-building events where people can make their own soaps, lotions, soaks, etc. This gives us the unique opportunity to tell our story, unhindered. 

It's so fun to experience the engagement directly from our customers. Without fail we hear phrases like “we didn’t know you did that” and “we love that you do this." It helps us learn what parts of our internal culture we need to do a better job of advertising. And it's also just plain fun. When people know all that you put into your business, they come away feeling more engaged with the products and the company. We have a loyal following with our customers, and our community, and I love having the opportunity to explain why we do what we do. That can be hard to convey on a grocery store shelf, but I think we get closer and closer to doing that every time we attend an event like Spark Change, or host an event in the community or even post a blog or other social media.

Mission is more important than ever to consumers—how does your brand Spark Change? 

KP: Healthy living has definitely become more prominent; it's front and center in people's minds since the start of COVID-19. I think it is a change that will stick around long after we navigate our way through this pandemic. People are paying more attention to both their mental and their physical health, and, as such, are very conscious of the things they put in and on their bodies. 

Consumers are also keeping a closer eye on their hard-earned money—and they are supporting with their wallets those companies they feel align best with their values. Spinster Sisters sparks change through the use of clean ingredients, clean processes in manufacturing and by being thoughtful every step of the way, from the formulation to the launch of each product, to ensure we have the lowest possible impact on our environment.

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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