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Inside Organic Summit: Elevating organic messaging—barriers and opportunities – webinar

From Gen Z to Life Cycle Assessments to what sells on shelf, hear from industry experts as they share the latest data and tackle organic messaging barriers and opportunities across the supply chain.

April 24, 2024

3 Hr View
Inside Organic Summit: Elevating organic messaging—barriers and opportunities

Date: Jun 4, 2024

Time: 12:00 EDT

Duration: 3 Hr

We know organic is better for people and the planet—so why is it so hard to message about organic? Confusion around the meaning and integrity of USDA Organic certification is ever present, not just for consumers but even for retailers and businesses across the supply chain. A need for education and a lack of consumer awareness are considered to be critical barriers to expansion for the organic marketplace. But as both consumers and the marketplace evolve, new opportunities and conversations are taking place that could help elevate the industry’s future.

Please join us for the third annual Inside Organic Summit where you’ll hear the latest consumer trends influencing the marketplace and why Gen Z matters for organic; how Life Cycle Assessments are impacting the organic message; how to talk about organic and regenerative together; and learn about a farmer, brand, retailer partnership that connects organic to climate change messaging and initiatives.

Joining us at the Summit will be Kathleen Merrigan, former United States Deputy Secretary of Agriculture; Adam Kotin, Managing Director, Soil Carbon Initiative; Tina Owens, Managing Director, Nutrient Density Alliance; Amber Sciligo, Director of Science Programs at The Organic Center; Sherry Frey, VP Total Wellness NIQ; Tom Chapman, co-CEO Organic Trade Association; Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director Regenerative Organic Alliance; Kendra Klein, PhD, Deputy Director of Science, Friends of the Earth; Brise Tencer, Executive Director at Organic Farming Research Foundation; Nijia Zhou, Climate Principal, Whole Foods Market, Luke Peterson Regenerative Organic Farmer, A-Frame Farm; Emily Griffith, Founder & CEO, Lil bucks; Elizabeth Candelario, Mad Ag.

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