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New ingredients

New gluten-free baking
National Starch Food Innovation announced a new gluten-free solution for the North American baked-goods marketplace. The new product helps to make gluten-free cookies, muffins and cakes look, taste and feel like gluten-containing products. The new gluten-free product is also made to extend the shelf life of the product.

Antioxidant fruit blend
Standardized Fruit Blend from Ethical Naturals adds to the company's ProfileProven line of natural antioxidants. It can be used as an ingredient to add definable antioxidant and nutrition to supplements, beverages and foods. Made from apple, bilberry, blueberry, chokeberry, cranberry, goji berry, grape, mangosteen and pomegranate, it guarantees an ORAC value of 7,500units/g.

Mussels for joints
Waitaki Biosciences recently introduced Pernatec stabilized Greenshell Mussel Powder for joints. Standard grades of Greenshell Mussel Powder are prone to deteriorate when exposed to heat, oxygen, or light, but with Pernatec, the health benefits are maintained throughout processing.

New launch by Lipid Nutrition
VitaTrin, a new antioxidant ingredient from Lipid Nutrition, was introduced at Vitafoods 2009 in Geneva. A palm-based tocotrienol belonging to the vitamin E family, VitaTrin is produced from sustainably harvested palm. It is non-GMO, vegetarian and kosher certified.

Iceless ice cream
TIC Gums has developed a new stabilizer for ice cream it calls Dairyblend IC EZ Creamy. It is specially designed for low-fat ice cream applications for products that are looking to reduce fat while maintaining a creamy texture. Dairyblend IC EZ Creamy is made from a blend of emulsifiers and hudrocolloids and is recommended for usage levels between 0.65 to 0.85 per cent, based on the desired texture.

Van Drunen presents blueberry option
Van Drunen Farms of Illinois is now offering cane-sugar infused, low-moisture blueberries. These have had the moisture of the frozen blueberries slowly replaced osmotically with sugar, resulting in a sweet, moist, shelf-stable blueberries that have retained their colour and piece identity, the company says, offering an ingredient-label alternative to standard fructose-infused blueberries. Suggested applications include bakery mixes for scones, breads and muffins, hot and cold cereals, add-ins for ice cream, pastry fillings and snack mixes. The berries are available year-round in whole-berry format, wild or cultivated.

Clabber Girl follows trend for less sodium
The 130-year-old brand Clabber Girl is taking a modern twist, keeping up with the trend of consumers making healthier eating choices. It recently introduced a new sodium-free and aluminum-free baking powder. InnovaFree Baking Powder, developed in conjunction with Innophos, Inc, a leading phosphate-ingredients manufacturer, incorporates CAL-RISE, their sodium-free leavening agent. The new product allows bakers to reduce sodium levels in finished goods by as much as 50 per cent, the company says.

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