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New ingredients

NI-VinanzaGold.jpgNew Zealand grape-seed extract
In exercise trials carried out by Hort Research, Vinanza Gold, a new grape-seed extract, reduces protein carbonyl concentration production by 37 per cent. Vinanza is a range of extracts from New Zealand fruit and berries, manufactured using the most natural processes to maximise antioxidant levels and activity. It is an extract from the seeds of Sauvignon blanc grapes. These seeds, grown under a sustainable viticture programme, are known to have up to twice the levels of phenolic antioxidant compounds grown in other parts of the world. Vinanza Gold is extracted with water only — no chemicals are used during any step of the process.
+64 3 579 3399

NI-Roll-Rite.jpgTrans-free lamination shortenings
Illinois-based Loders Croklaan has created a trans-free line of lamination shortenings called Roll-Rite. The new line offers several lamination versions for various baking usages such as puff pastries, pies, croissants and danishes. Roll-Rite maintains its pliability at room temperature and will not become brittle at colder temperatures; it was developed to maintain the integrity of each layer of lamination in the dough, the company says. ?
+1 800 621 4710
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NI-Tate&Lyle.jpgPrebiotic fibre for baked goods
Tate & Lyle has launched a branded fibre ingredient called Promitor Resistant Starch, the first to be marketed under its Promitor range. The starch aims to help manufacturers add more fibre to baked products and snacks, with no impact on taste or texture. It is a prebiotic fibre that is well tolerated and has a low-glycaemic response, the company says. Depending on legislation, it can be labelled as a corn starch/starch and may be suitable for products making a 'natural' claim. The starch has low water-holding capacity, making it easy to formulate with when substituting for wheat flour in low-moisture systems.
EU: + 33 1 70 48 00 59
US: +1 866 653 6622
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NI-Canfo-Lutein1.jpgHigh-purity lutein and mangosteen extracts
China's Canfo Chemicals has created high-purity water-soluble lutein and mangosteen extract. The lutein is available in 10 per cent and 15 per cent, using nanomicro-encapsulation to enhance absorbability and bioavailability. The company is working toward concentrates as high as 80 per cent in the future using this technology. The firm's mangosteen extract is sold in 3-5 per cent micro-encapsulated extracts.
+86 28 8517 4627/8074
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NI-Alina.jpgSalvia seed omega-3s
Alina, an innovative source of omega-3s, is now available from Frutarom. The ingredient outperforms traditional omega-3 oils, the company says, by providing improved flavour and shelf stability in heat-treated dairy, beverage and savoury applications. Alina is derived from a patented plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, Salvia seed, attained through a natural extraction process. It does not have a negative taste or texture impact, and it offers superior stability in baked goods, bread, dairy, cereal and beverage products, Frutarom explains.
+1 757 224 8394
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