New Kyolic® Research Presented at Joint Vascular Conference

September 19, 2007

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New Kyolic® Research Presented at Joint Vascular Conference

One of the First Presentations of Natural Product Research
at a Clinically Oriented Vascular Conference

Researchers at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, as well as from Munich University Medical Center presented new Kyolic Aged Garlic ExtractTM (AGE) research at a joint-vascular conference September 11th 2007 at the University of Munich.

Dr. Toshi Ide, Research and Development Director at Wakunaga of America, states, “At this symposium, we presented new and powerful research on Aged Garlic Extract. Previous studies have shown that Aged Garlic Extract can stimulate circulation, inhibit oxidative damage to the body (endothelial dysfunction), improve elevated cholesterol and homocysteine levels, as well as reduce the progression of plaque in coronary arteries. These studies demonstrate that AGE not only addresses risk factors of heart disease, but also go beyond the risk factor stage, which is a very important point.”

Lead researcher Matthew Budoff, MD, FACC says about his new clinical trial, “This study confirms our earlier findings that Aged Garlic Extract significantly slows the progression of plaque in the arteries. This larger study clearly shows the benefits to patients in terms of heart disease. Aged Garlic Extract is supplemental to other proven benefits for heart health.”

Aged Garlic Extract has been researched in more than 580 scientific studies at major universities. Studies have focused on aspects such as cholesterol; high blood pressure; homocysteine levels; inhibiting LDL oxidation to keep it from becoming sticky; anti-platelet aggregation and adhesion, including blood thinning effect; stimulating blood circulation; immune stimulation; cognitive effects; liver function and anti-tumor effects.

“Wakunaga has been bringing credibility through its research to not only Aged Garlic ExtractTM and the garlic category but to the whole Natural Foods Industry,” says Rob Blais, Senior Brand Manager for Kyolic in Canada. “Kyolic® is unique because as one supplement, it can provide a broad spectrum of benefits covering not only immune health, but also powerful cardiovascular benefits as well.”

Another presentation by Dr. Norbert Weiss, from University of Munich Medical Center, focused on the benefits of Aged Garlic Extract on endothelial and platelet function. He says, “This is one of the largest conferences of clinically-oriented vascular medicine, and it’s one of the first times that natural product research has been presented at such a symposium, we are extremely encouraged.”

Dr. Weiss continues, “This conference focused on the development of new advantages in prevention and treatment of risk factors. Natural medicine, such as Kyolic Aged Extract, has a space for one of the approaches of prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

Kyolic is a trademark and a product of Wakunaga of America Company, a subsidiary of Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company. Purity Life Health Products, a SunOpta Company, is the exclusive marketer, sales and distribution partner for Kyolic in Canada.

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