New Study Finds Cranberries Equal Probiotics' Contribution to Digestive Health

September 10, 2008

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New Study Finds Cranberries Equal Probiotics' Contribution to Digestive Health

New research suggests that cranberry juice can be as effective as probiotics in maintaining good digestive health . The double-blind trial at the University of Chile found a regular 6.8 oz. serving of 25% cranberry juice was as effective as the probiotic studied in suppressing growth of H. pylori among asymptomatic children. This research is the latest in a large bank of clinical evidence to uncover positive health benefits for the North American cranberry.

H. Pylori is thought to be present in up to 75% of the world’s population. As probiotics and cranberry inhibit H. pylori with natural mechanisms, they reduce the risk of the side effects linked to antibiotics and help support a healthy balance of bacteria. The unique A-type proanthocyanidins found in cranberries help stop bad bacteria from sticking to cells in the body. This anti-adhesion effect may allow the cranberry to help prevent urinary tract infections, gastro-intestinal infections, gum disease and stomach ulcers formed by various pathogenic (or harmful) bacteria, including H. Pylori.

"This research is exciting as antibiotics are currently the only effective treatment for H. pylori, the most common cause of stomach ulcers worldwide and a risk factor for gastric cancers," says Dr. Francois, Assistant Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine. "Using cranberry juice and probiotics to possibly suppress growth of H. pylori is great news for physicians and patients who are seeking natural alternatives to antibiotics.”

Kristen Borsari, senior global marketing manager for Ocean Spray’s Ingredient Technology Group comments: “We have come to expect no less than great results from the cranberry, thanks to the fruit’s proven nutritional potency. However, this research is particularly important as the first of its kind to link cranberry with improving digestive health. In today’s global market, consumers are constantly demanding healthy foods that offer more than a single benefit. The many nutritional advantages being linked with cranberry and the positive consumer perception of fruit make it a smart addition to any product. Supremely versatile and process tolerant, the fruit also offers a great taste and attractive color, making it the perfect healthy ingredient.”

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