June 9, 2009

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New Study Released by Coromega® Shows 300 Percent Better Absorption with Emulsified Fish Oil Supplements

Premier supplements maker Coromega(R) today released a study showing that fish oil supplements emulsified in water are three times better digested and absorbed than when presented in capsule form. The study, published in the June 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association(1), highlighted the nutritional superiority of Coromega's emulsified fish oil as well as the increased taste acceptance of a flavored emulsified supplement.

"In addition to finding that emulsified fish oil is significantly better absorbed than encapsulated forms, the innovative emulsified formula has also shown to eliminate 'fish burps' by improving gastric clearance," said Dr. Douglas Bibus, MS, PhD, clinical advisor for Coromega. "The availability of Coromega's flavored emulsion technology, as well as its great taste has made it possible for children and people adverse to capsules to reap the benefits of omega-3."

The study compared absorption of EPA and DHA in 10 healthy subjects consuming the same dose of parent Norwegian fish oil in either an emulsified form (Coromega) or in a capsule form. Results showed nearly a 300 percent increase in plasma levels of omega-3 in the emulsified form versus the capsular form. Subjects also reported no tolerance problems with the emulsified fish oil, compared to mild reports of "fish burps" with encapsulated oil.

"We found that pre-emulsification of the oil essentially mirrors the body's action of emulsification with bile acids in the small intestine, aiding in natural digestion," said Bibus.

More information about the Bioavailability study can be found on Coromega's recently launched Web site at www.coromega.com. In addition to a sleeker and more user-friendly design, the newly-renovated site features a section specifically about health benefits and offers a detailed display of the study.

Coromega is available nationally at health food and vitamin retailers, grocery stores, maternity stores, and at numerous online retailers. For more information about Coromega, please call (877) 275-3725 or visit www.coromega.com.

About Coromega

Originally formulated by a Norwegian scientist searching for a way to encourage his granddaughter to take her daily dose of fish oil, Coromega was developed after more than 10 years of experimenting and trial and error. The delicious and innovative emulsion technology gained a United States patent in the early 1990s, and in 1999 Coromega was launched. Today, the Company manufactures a number of supplements, including Coromega Omega3 Squeeze, Coromega Healthy Heart, Coromega CoQ10, Coromega Prenatal OmegaBaby, Coromega Child Brain and Body and Coromega Gummy Fruits. For more information, visit www.coromega.com.

(1) Raatz, Susan K. et al. Enhanced Absorption of n-3 Fatty Acids from Emulsified Compared with Encapsulated Fish Oil. J Am Diet Assoc. 2009; 109:1076-1081.

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