NI combs globe for novel ingredients

Joysa Winter

January 31, 2010

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NI combs globe for novel ingredients

While relatively new to North America, the roots of New Jersey-based Nutraceuticals International (NI) actually go back several decades. Company founder Zoltan Klivini worked for 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry in his home country of Hungary, and he launched his ingredients company in Budapest in 1989. He opened the US headquarters for bulk ingredients in 2007 in Elmwood Park.

In only a few years, the company has created an enormous supply of bulk concentrated botanical extracts, powders, fruits, vegetables, flavours, spices and grains, as well as amino acids and speciality ingredients. Most recently, it added a wide variety of Ayurvedic herbals for cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and foods.

"In January 2008, we signed a joint venture with Amruta Herbals Pvt Ltd, a major Indian-based manufacturer of Ayurvedic herbal extracts, to develop, market and sell indigenous Indian products to manufacturers worldwide," said David Romeo, managing director. "We are excited for them to collaborate with us in new product development and sales of our extracts in the US and Europe, and to other developing markets in Japan and other parts of Asia."

In only one year, NI's Ayurvedic product line has captured 22 per cent of the company's total business. Its American sales are serviced out of the company's Anaheim, California, warehouse, and it has a large export business to Western Europe. Its sales reps are based in Mexico, Canada, California and New Jersey.

"The interest in Ayurvedics has been growing in North America, but there is still very low knowledge," Nichole Deblock, marketing director, explained. "This is why it has been important for us to team up with Amruta, to help bring this knowledge to the forefront."

About 75 per cent of the company's ingredients are sourced from Europe, South America and India. It has had 'bad experiences' with quality out of China, so it does not get its ingredients there.

In the past year, the company has added numerous new organics, flavours, spices and grains. Among them are two by Amruta:

Baozene, a purified baobab fruit powder, different from any other on the market. Baozene is a new source of dietary fibre with an excessive ORAC value of 650g; it is also rich in potassium and vitamin C. Amruta has standardised the Baozene to a 70 per cent fibre content, which is soluble in hot and cold water.

Progestive utilizes a strain of bacteria called Bacillus coagulans, a member of a class of beneficial bacteria that occurs naturally in the GI tract. Preliminary research suggests it may improve vaginal flora as well as boost the immune system. Results from a recent peer-reviewed study indicate that symptomatic IBS patients receiving a specific strain of Bacillus coagulans reported reduced abdominal pain and bloating. Additional studies are planned or under way. Bacillus coagulans has also been approved by FDA for veterinary purposes especially as a probiotic in pigs and shrimp. Progestive is exclusively offered as a 6 billion and a 15 billion strain by NI.

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