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Socially Conscious: Refine your remarketing strategy on FacebookSocially Conscious: Refine your remarketing strategy on Facebook

Transform first time shoppers into life-long customers with a social media strategy. 

Caren Baginski

October 30, 2014

2 Min Read
Socially Conscious: Refine your remarketing strategy on Facebook

What’s your forte on social media: acquiring followers or engaging existing fans? A successful social media marketing strategy involves both, yet too many people get stuck on the first part and often forget about the second. One surefire way to engage existing fans is to remarket to them via their favorite social network: Facebook.

This strategy works well if you have an existing email list and if your open and click-through rates are lower than you’d like. It’s time to go well beyond posting content to your Facebook page that most of your fans won’t see. For this strategy, we’ll use the advanced features of Facebook ads.

First you’ll create a “Custom Facebook Audience,” which allows you to add your existing base of customer emails or phone numbers to any ad you create on Facebook. For as little as $1 a day, Facebook ads are a budget-conscious and extremely targeted way to capture your existing shoppers’ attention.

Wait a second. What if your customers find out that you’re targeting them on Facebook? The truth is most consumers aren’t aware that they are being remarketed to. And the more times they see an ad or your store’s logo, the more they’ll be reminded to come in and shop.


Create your custom Facebook audience

First, dump shoppers’ email addresses or phone numbers into a single column in a .csv file in Excel or a text document. Then go to your Ads Manager (facebook.com/ads/manage) and click on Audiences>Create Audience. Upload your document and continue to follow the instructions. Note that it can take up to 30 minutes for your audience to be available.

Now go into Facebook and create an ad as you normally would. After you make your ad, you can select your custom audience, and the ad will be seen only by customers who also have corresponding Facebook accounts.

To entice existing customers even more, make sure your ad is eye-catching and suited to their needs. Try these ideas to turn one- or two-time shoppers into lifelong customers.

1. Offer an exclusive “We miss you!” coupon or discount on their entire purchase in your store.

2. Publicize events and workshops that existing customers would be more inclined to attend than new shoppers.

3. Invite these shoppers into your loyalty or VIP club with specials and sales just for them.

4. Offer existing customers time-sensitive offers to bring them back into your store right away. Or, if you have e-commerce, entice them with free shipping for the next 24 hours.

Caren Baginski is a digital and social media strategist based in Denver and the former social media and digital editor of newhope360.com. For more strategies to cultivate conscious consumers, including a free tip, visit gum.co/cultivate or contact Caren at carenbaginski.com.



About the Author(s)

Caren Baginski

Caren Baginski was newhope360’s Senior Editor, Digital and Social Media. Previously, she worked as Associate Editor of Functional Ingredients magazine.

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