SourceOne CoQsource® Coenzyme Q10 Delivers Superior Absorption and Bioavailability in New Published Study

February 26, 2009

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SourceOne CoQsource® Coenzyme Q10 Delivers Superior Absorption and Bioavailability in New Published Study

SourceOne Global Partners has announced that the peer-reviewed journal, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, has published the results of a double-blind study comparing the bioavailability of patented CoQsource® to that of three other “bio-enhanced” CoQ10 formulations. The study, entitled, “Relative Bioavailability Comparison of Different Coenzyme Q10 Formulations with a Novel Delivery System,” appears in the March/April, 2009 issue, Vol. 15, No. 2.

According to Dr. Zheng-Xian Liu, lead author of the study and author of more than 60 other peer-reviewed published studies, the scientific and medical community has emphasized the importance in supplementing with CoQ10 and improving the uptake and bioavailability in CoQ10 formulations, especially with the dramatic increase in the number of people taking stain drugs.

In this study, the relative bioavailability of a single oral dose of 120mg of CoQ10 was assessed using the area under curve (AUC (0-10h)) where the value for CoQsource® reached 30.62 µg/ml/10h; a far superior 622% higher bioavailability than the oil-based formula and a 499% higher bioavailability than the solubilizate.

“These are the most compelling clinically proven absorption results of any CoQ10 formulation that have been published to date,” said Dr. Liu.

CoQsource® is a patented, lipid-based formulation that naturally self-assembles on contact with an aqueous phase into an association colloid delivery system known as VESIsorb®.

Developed by Vesifact, Baar, Switzerland, VESIsorb® is protected worldwide by multiple U.S. and international granted and pending patents. Marc Weder, co-founder and CEO of Vesifact, commented, “These results highlight the many advantages that this delivery system represents. We have been able to broaden the applications for certain bio-active ingredients like CoQ10 into functional foods, drink mixes, beverages, and cosmetic products. We have succeeded in this area by addressing issues such as water solubility, oxidative stability, shelf life and uniformity of dispersion in the delivery medium.”

Weder added that Vesifact’s newest research has focused on utilizing VESIsorb® with Omega-3 Concentrated EPA/DHA (OmegaChoice™) alone and in combination with CoQsource®; and utilizing VESIsorb® with citrus flavonoids (PMF-source™) alone and in combination with palm tocotrienols (TocoSource®).

“It is clear that CoQsource® is the most exceptional and exciting CoQ10 formulation available with regard to its pharmacokinetic profile,” asserted Jesse Lopez, CEO and Founder of SourceOne. “This study showed higher relative bioavailability not compared to CoQ10 powder, but compared to patented soft gel enhanced absorption delivery systems. The results speak for themselves.”

This technology allows SourceOne to offer bio-enhanced ingredients and proprietary formulas containing CoQ10 in either the ubiquinone or ubiquinol (QH) forms. Lopez added, “Perhaps even more compelling is our ability to deliver proprietary Omega-3 and CoQ10 combinations along with utilizing the VESIsorb® delivery system to significantly improve the absorption of other natural lipophilic bio-actives such as vitamin D3, resveratrol, citrus polymethoxylated flavones (PMF), palm tocotrienols, and gamma-tocopherols.”

CoQsource® is available worldwide exclusively from SourceOne in various potencies up to 200mg. SourceOne can offer a 100% water-soluble form of CoQ10 and deliver the formulation in solid dosage forms, drink mixes, stick packs, food products, beverages and more.

Lopez added, “VESIsorb® enables us to meet the growing demand for enhanced bioavailability of unique science-based ingredients and proprietary formulas taking their absorption and efficacy to the next level, truly making SourceOne your first choice for heart-healthy ingredient solutions.”

SourceOne received the prestigious Frost and Sullivan 2008 Heart Health Product Innovation of the Year Award which specifically recognized the VESIsorb® delivery system.

To receive a copy of the full study, please contact SourceOne at [email protected] or call 1-800-755-4996.

About SourceOne Global Partners
SourceOne Global Partners, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a leading supplier of innovative, science-based, branded ingredients and proprietary formulas to the nutritional supplement, functional food & beverage, cosmetic, and animal nutrition markets. SourceOne has assembled an impressive and enviable portfolio of complementary condition-specific ingredients that address the most pressing health concerns, including heart health, Type II diabetes, cognitive function, diet and energy, and general wellness.

SourceOne is recognized as a leader in delivering the best science nature has to offer through health solutions such as the award-winning Cholesstrinol™ Family of Heart Healthy Formulas, OmegaChoice™ Marine Concentrated Omega-3 EPA/DHA (EFAs), CoQsource® Bio-Enhanced Coenzyme Q10, and SterolSource® Phytosterols. The SourceOne product line continues to expand and also includes TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols, GammaSource® Mixed Tocopherols, PMF-source™ Citrus Flavonoids (PMF), Tongkat Ali-Source LJ100® as well as green tea, resveratrol, chondroitin, natural carotenoids, and more.

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