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Supplement industry news and updates – July 2023

Inside the Bottle brings you the latest supplement industry news in this monthly roundup.

July 13, 2023

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Surprising channel dynamics—and more takeaways from NBJ’s Supplement Business Report—article

E-commerce growth has tanked, slowing from record 87% in 2020 and 30% in 2021 to 5.7% last year. Find out why from NBJ Senior Analyst Claire Morton and read about two other key issues highlighted in the 2023 Supplement Business Report.

Natural Beauty is growing, find out why—article

The beauty industry ($51 billion) grew 5.4% in the last year, with the natural beauty industry growing 15.2% and reaching $4.3 billion in sales. Natural products are outperforming conventional counterparts. Unpack the details behind what’s driving these sales in new data released from SPINS here.

Heads-up: New FDA guidance hints of potential requirements—article

The agency released draft guidance around decentralized clinical trials for drugs, biologics and devices that foreshadows things to come for the supplement industry. Find out what you need to know, including best practices around adverse event reporting and demographic diversity among clinical trial participants from the experts at Radicle Science here.

Are there risks for brands from berberine’s TikTok’s explosion?—article

“Nature’s Ozempic” TikTok posts jacked sales by about 75% in less than a year, according to new SPINS numbers. Some of those weight loss-promising posts, however, crossed the disease claims line. Get a top legal perspective on potential pitfalls of the ingredient’s social media popularity here.

How ‘nutraceutical’ leads to category confusion—article

Dietary supplements are products that help support overall health and wellness—not nutraceuticals. Find out why the difference is critical and how using terms like “nutraceutical,” “herbal medicine” and “natural pharmacy” can lead to preconceived expectations and criticisms among scientists, health care providers and consumers here.

Supplement Market H2 Forecast—webinar

Which trends and categories will continue to drive industry growth amid economic turmoil—and which purchases will be a tougher pill for consumers to swallow? Find out what SPINS and New Hope Network experts think by watching this data-driven webinar and discussion as we head toward Natural Products Expo East here.




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