Genomics: Riding the future wave of supplements

Personalization and diagnostics are going to vet out what’s real and what’s not in the supplement industry, according to supplement industry veteran Tom Aarts. Join him and Roberta Kline of Genoma International to better understand this exciting area of science that’s changing how we look at health.

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Genomics: Riding the future wave of supplements

“Interpretation of genomic testing is vastly underrated: it takes a lot to put this information together in a way that makes sense for a patient, and that to me is the biggest challenge in the industry today.”

—Roberta Kline, MD, Genoma International

Part 1: Gene testing: what, when and how


  • Why gene testing can make a big difference for vitamin intake.

  • What one Silicon Valley company is doing to bring personalization to the masses. 

  • Those who get into personalization will be some of the winners in the supplement space.


Part 2: Personalization for the consumer


  • Tests range from lowest-cost off-the-shelf to premium individualized solutions.

  • Some biomarker tests are already on store shelves/sold direct-to-consumer (DTC). 

  • How to engage consumers and tackle a 73 percent throwaway rate for wearable devices.


Part 3: Genetic testing by the numbers


  • In the next five years, consumers will have access to their genomes for less than  $1,000 (compared with $2,000-plus today).

  • In 2017, direct-to-consumer genetic tests more than doubled and now exceed 12 million people, mostly in the U.S.

  • Direct-to-consumer genetic testing market growth is estimated to go from roughly $70 million in 2015 to $340 million by 2022.


Part 4: The mighty microbiome


  • Understanding the microbiome could be the key to everything.

  • Saliva testing for the microbiome could be a big disruptor in the industry.


Part 5: The end of one size fits all


  • Genetics vs. genomics: They’re not the same.

  • Why DNA is important: It’s all about the SNPs.


Part 6: Nutritional genomics: The food-gene conversation


  • Nutritional needs vary based on individual DNA.

  • One simple thing like fasting can have a huge ripple effect on our health. 

  • EPA/DHA is a big challenge for vegans, with gene SNPs that can impair the process.


Part 7: A personalized health roadmap


  • Particularly transformative with illness, genomics can jump-start the healing process.

  • Get actionable information and a proprietary map you can take anywhere.


This session—Technologies & Discoveries Driving Personalized Nutrition—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides.

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