Hemp Collective podcast episode 10: How hemp supports the values of the wellness awakening in modern society

Tune into this podcast to hear New Hope Network and Natural Products Insider dig into the most relevant topics related to hemp and CBD in order to cultivate a responsible industry from seed to shelf.

November 4, 2020

2 Min Read
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Since the 1960s when we saw the origins of the natural products industry emerge partly as a reaction to the "miracle" of processed foods and partly because of greater affluence throughout much of society, a wellness awakening has been slowly emerging. And with the pandemic and climate change afflicting the world, consumers' focus on self care and conscious business has only accelerated.  

So how does hemp and hemp CBD play into shifting values and greater awareness about our personal and planetary wellness? We asked Deanie Elsner, CEO of Charlotte's Web, and Erin Meagher, founder of supplier Beneficial Blends, what they believe is feeding changing attitudes and what they think the future has in store for the hemp CBD industry. Learn about why mission and commitments behind the scenes matter today more than ever.

During this episode, we explore: 

  • Who is this "new" wellness consumer and what do they really want? 

  • A look into values-based trends that are driving the future of the hemp industry.

  • Why future-casting and outside-the-box innovation is important for sustainable growth.

  • How climate change awareness is affecting consumer thinking related to health and sustainability. 

  • The necessary commitments required to be authentically mission-based and fully transparent, and why this matters to customers today.

"For [Charlotte's Web], this awakening is really a necessity for all consumers to understand that their wellness is in their own hands." – Deanie Elsner, CEO, Charlotte's Webb

"The interesting thing about hemp... is that is actually pulls more CO2 out of the atmosphere than trees, and every part of the plant can be used for multiple purposes. For wellness, it's non-psychoactive, people are turning to hemp for natural health benefits." – Erin Meagher, Founder, Beneficial Blends



Deaine Elsner, CEO, Charlotte's Web

Erin Meagher, Founder, Beneficial Blends

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