Spark Change Soapbox Series: Dried apples and oranges and peaches, oh my!

For Bella Viva Orchards Founder and COO Victor Martino, the proof is in the flavor (and the nutrition is in the skin!). Check out how this company brought innovation to the dried fruit category in this episode of Spark Change Soapbox Series.

October 7, 2020


Bella Viva Orchards founder and COO Victor Martino knew the dried fruit category was ripe for innovation. So, the company applied 30 years of research to natural and organic fruit from beautiful California orchards to develop a line of nothing-added dried apples, oranges and peaches. Here, Martino joins us from the company's Cali fields to share why less really is more—and our host Andrea Donsky couldn't agree more. 

Look who’s getting on their Soapbox!

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Meet our Soapbox host!

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Andrea Donsky, Founder, Naturally Savvy


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