Spark Change Soapbox Series: Pacific Resources International brings natural New Zealand wonders to the US

Discover the power of New Zealand Manuka honey in this Spark Change Mission-Driven Business Soapbox Series.

September 10, 2020

Maybe it is a small world after all! Or at least it feels like we can taste a little piece of New Zealand after talking to Pacific Resources about one of the country's most treasured natural products: Manuka honey. 

In this Spark Change Mission-Driven Business episode of the Soapbox Series, we get schooled in what quality means when it comes to this potent, versatile form of honey and how retailers and consumers can know what they're getting. 

Look who’s getting on their Soapbox!

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David Noll, Founder, Pacific Resource International

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Meet our Soapbox host!

Andrea Donskey 117x132.jpg

Andrea Donsky, Founder, Naturally Savvy


To learn more, check out Pacific Resource International's Spark Change Product Discover Zone.

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