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Trends driving supplement industry growth

Article-Trends driving supplement industry growth

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Learn more about trends driving supplement industry growth in national and global markets. Where is the industry strong? Where is it rebounding? And where are the opportunities for innovation? Find the answers in this session recorded at Natural Products Expo East.

“Supplements are food but they’re not food. People don’t need to ‘pick up that apple’ with supplements. So, what’s your omnichannel strategy? The question you’re going to have to answer is: What’s your Amazon strategy.”
—Rick Polito, New Hope Network

Part 1: Supplement sales and growth  overview

  • Supplement growth is strong. It's neither spiking or slumping. 
  • The smart money is in the convergence of food and supplements.


Part 2: Defining growth by category 

  • The supplement industry has a powerful growth story. 
  • A look at the following categories: Herbs and Botanicals, Whole Food Supplements, Sports & Nutrition, Weight Management/Loss, Functional Food & Beverages and Probiotics. 


Part 3: Sales by channel 

  • Supplement sales are growing the fastest in the online channel.  
  • Blurring channels fuel opportunities, as well as challenges.  


Part 4: Global trends

  • Regional overviews give insight to the fastest growing markets.
  • Aspirations for a healthy lifestyle lead the global key forces affecting the industry.
  • Connected, better informed consumers desire customization and personal engagement.  


Part 5: How insights to global forces fuel innovation 

  • Formulations, memberships, ready-to-drink meals and digital packaging are global forces fueling innovation.
  • Consumer goals, aimed at prevention and healthy lifestyle, place high demand on the supplement industry to help lower health care costs. 


Part 6: Q&A 

  • How will we redefine categories as FDA changes guidelines on packaging for food vs. supplements? 
  • How should brands handle the issue of harmonization of regulations across global markets? 

This session—The State of the Supplement Industry—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. Click "download" to access the presentation slides. 

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