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Business for good is a common phrase in natural products. These companies are finding unusual ways to make that ring true.

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New Hope Network's editorial staff, in concert with the NEXT Data & Insights team, have identified the key macro forces driving food trends in the United States. In the 2022 Guidebook we have connected these macro forces and hot trends, as well as the newest exhibitors and fresh brands to help you meet consumers' needs. Learn more about the Guidebook and purchase your copy here.

There is growing momentum to use business to heal, rebuild and strengthen the planet, community and society. The natural products industry is full of creative flows of capital, partnerships and purpose. Thinking outside-the-box, under-the-box or around-the-box is the necessary first step in beginning the long and challenging journey to make business a solution that can heal, not damage or weaken us.

Four trends support the Inventive Business Models macroforce:

  • Mission-driven commerce—Radical change-makers are doing the hard work to create products or brands focused on improving how commerce is conducted to address social or environmental issues.

  • Multi-stakeholder—These brands were not necessarily created solve poverty, hunger or environmental problems but they are rethinking how they conduct business. Instead of focusing only on profits, they aim to reduce their companies' negative impacts on people and planet.

  • Diversifying ownership—The faces of founders and shareholders in a brand are shifting. Through different types of employee ownership or new enterprises with people of color, Latinx or Asian-American founders, entrepreneurs are changing who owns food brands and, thus, who drives innovation.

  • Sourcing responsibly—To mitigate the extractive tendencies of our food system, many brands pay closer attention to how and where they source ingredients. Brands now form transparent and direct trade relationships with farmers and communities, which make the supply chain more equitable.


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