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Innovative brands support Material Optimization in production, packaging

From upcycling leftover soy after making tofu to packing boxes with unused coconut fiber, making the most of every material is a practice consumers look for.

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The decades-old concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is being reimagined by innovative business leaders who consider the lifecycles of the materials they use in bringing their products to market.

These innovators consider new alternatives to packaging, optimization of byproducts and bringing otherwise overlooked resources to consumers.

Three trends that back up the macro force of material optimization:

  • Responsible packaging—Brands are thinking beyond the ingredients in their products and considering alternatives to the packaging they've traditionally used.

  • Waste reduction—Different categories of business work together to reduce waste, often creating new, upcycled products that are edible, can be used as packaging or provide a source of energy.

  • Efficient materials—With thousands of plant, animal, sea and insect species around the planet, innovators are bringing alternative resources to market.

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