New Hope Network’s top 5 natural beauty trends for 2024

New Hope experts have determined the five top natural beauty trends you need to know next year. See 20 of the most exciting products driving these trends.

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November 28, 2023

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New Hope Network’s top 5 natural beauty trends for 2024

Sales of natural and organic beauty care products are booming, and thanks to New Hope Network’s Natural Products Expo, NEXTY awards and industry coverage, our editors and trend spotters have a front row seat to observe “what’s next” in the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry. Based on highlights from this year and a range of plant-forward and planet-first innovations, here are the top natural beauty trends to have on your radar in 2024 and beyond!

Biodiversity in beauty  

Similar to what is happening in the food industry, beauty brands are unlocking a whole wide world of sustainable supply chains and leveraging unique plants from across the globe for their beauty benefits—from skin soothing to healthy aging. Investments in regenerative and indigenous ingredients from across the globe are offering a myriad of novel plants for skin care, hair products and beauty-from-within supplements. As a result, this responsible global sourcing is supporting the development of new, high-performing botanical products that represent the next generation of clean beauty.  


Standout products: Kaibae Face Oil with Lost Crops Complex, Cocokind Chlorophyll Discoloration Serum, Thrive Regenerative Skincare Skin Recovery Serum, True Moringa Simplicity Face Body Hair Oil

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Sustainable skinimalism 

Across makeup, skin care and bath and body brands, multipurpose products are gaining traction. The reason: Simplifying routines and reducing the number of products needed supports both a more sustainable and a more cost-effective way of living for “conscious consumers.”


Standout products: Slo Natural Beauty Tinted Lip and Cheek Balm, Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Fluid Tinted Mineral Sunscreen, VegaJelly Multi-Purpose Healing Plant-Based Emolilent, Pacifica Kind Glaze Dewy Glow Layer

“Free from” plastic and water  

The CPG market’s move away from single-use plastic is moving fast in the natural personal care industry, hand in hand with another sustainable beauty trend on our radar: waterless. Traditionally known for excessive packaging, beauty and personal care innovators are going plastic free. This is in part made possible by transforming once-liquid products such as serums, facial washes, shampoos and lotions into long-lasting solid bar formats that are being packaged in compostable materials, thus eliminating plastic and water waste from the personal care equation.  


Standout products: HiBar Solid Shampoo Moisturize Bar, Attitude Oceanly Phyto-Glow Face Serum Bar, ESW Beauty Eco Glow Skincare Pack Compostable Spring Set, Spinster Sisters Face Serum Stick with Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C

A beautiful mind  

In a flourishing natural beauty industry, products connecting with the inner, as much as outer, needs of consumers are shining bright. Boasting a clean ingredient list is now the baseline for natural and organic beauty companies, which are also infusing function, purpose, health and mindfulness into their products. Beauty-minded companies are connecting wellness with glowing skin, shiny hair and overall healthy aging, bringing a range of sleep, stress and hormone-balancing supplements into the beauty segment.  


Standout products: Winged Women’s Wellness Balanced Babe Hormone Support and Estrogen Metabolism, Make Time Wellness Make Time for Brain Health, Moonlit Skincare Sleepy Spritzzz.. Facial Toner and Sleep Mist, Om Mushroom Superfood Chaga Beauty and Radiance

Pathways to personalization  

Thanks to the rise of generative AI, beauty and nutrition products are becoming much more personalized. And there's another side of the story for clean beauty companies rooted in tradition. Ayurveda—a natural system of medicine originated in India more than 3,000 years ago—is helping consumers find the products and regimens that are right for them, as brands formulate from these practices and ingredients. The mainstreaming of this ancient Indian tradition is proving to be a force nearly as powerful as any technological advancement for identifying and addressing the unique needs of the individual.  


Standout products: Purusha Ayurvedic Skincare Hydrate, Prose Custom Haircare Shampoo, Urban Veda Neem + Botanics Purifying Protecting Night Cream, Y’our Skincare Cleanser

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