Overcoming Key Formulation Challenges in Trending Health Areas: Gut, Mental Health & Consumer Experience – webinar

Join an exclusive webinar hosted by Lonza R&D and product management experts as they delve into overcoming key formulation challenges in today's crucial health focus areas.

April 17, 2024

30 Min View
Overcoming Key Formulation Challenges in Trending Health Areas: Gut, Mental Health & Consumer Experience

Date: May 14, 2024

Duration: 30 Min

From gut health and cognitive well-being to consumer experience, this webinar will explore the key formulation challenges in some of the highest trending areas for Nutraceuticals.  Discover how together with Lonza’s team, you can tackle hurdles like crafting effective gut health probiotic formulations for optimal delivery and managing oxidation in vegetarian capsules. Explore cutting-edge aroma technology and learn how it can enhance your product offerings. Attendees will gain insights into collaborating with Lonza to foster innovation and conquer formulation challenges together.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic landscape of health and wellness formulations. Join us and revolutionize your product development strategies.

At a glance:

  • Featured topics include Lonza’s Capsugel® DUOCAP® capsule-in-capsule technology in probiotic formulations, oxidation management, Aromacaps technology, and how to Innovate with Lonza

  • Insights into overcoming key formulation challenges

  • Opportunity for Q&A with industry-leading R&D and Product Management Experts



Nancy Coulter-Parker
Director of Content Marketing, New Hope Network



Juliana Erickson
DFS Voice of Customer & Innovation Product Manager, Lonza
Juliana Erickson is an experienced leader at Lonza, with nearly two decades in various marketing roles with the company. Her current role involves spearheading innovation in dosage form solutions and championing the voice of the customer, contributing to both company and customer success. As a dynamic speaker, she shares her insights at industry events, inspiring others with her passion for innovation and customer-centric approaches. Her career journey has been dedicated to the dietary supplement sector, starting with research and development roles in top companies before pivoting into marketing.


Dr. Zain Saiyed
Director, R&D DFS & Product Development, CHI R&D, Lonza
Dr. Zain Saiyed has more than 15+ years of combined research and innovation experience in developing solutions for joint disorders, probiotic research, sports nutrition, metabolic health, cardiovascular health, stress management and pet health.  Currently, Dr. Saiyed heads the Product Development and Innovation for the dosage form business of Lonza, Capsule and Health Ingredients (CHI) responsible for bringing customer innovation solutions. With a professional history steeped in research, professorship, and strategic portfolio and product development activities, Dr. Saiyed brings a seasoned approach and background to Lonza’s Capsules and Health Ingredients research and development.

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