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As consumers retreat from the common food system's over-processed, less than satisfying products, innovators look to Ancient Wisdom for guidance.

New Hope Network staff

February 12, 2022

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New Hope Network's editorial staff, in concert with the NEXT Data & Insights team, have identified the key macro forces driving food trends in the United States. In the 2022 Guidebook we have connected these macro forces and hot trends, as well as the newest exhibitors and fresh brands to help you meet consumers' needs. Learn more about the Guidebook and purchase your copy here.

Consumers are weary from and wary of over-processed, empty-calorie foods that don't support good health and, in some cases, cause our bodies harm.

A look back in time reminds us of traditional practices and ancient remedies that can guide our food knowledge and processes. Many innovators take advantage of this ancient wisdom to craft food and supplements that fit modern needs.

Two trends align with the macro force of Ancient Wisdom:

  • Time Honored Processing—Reviving historic processing techniques is one way for brands to defy today's food systems and supply chains, even as they take advantage of modern technology.

  • Time Honored Heritage Ingredients—Instead of grains and vegetables that manufacturers have altered to increase profitability, smart brands employ ingredients that are rich in culture, history and nutrients.

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