The Natural List podcast - Natural beauty's plastic-free future

New Hope's Jessica Rubino and Adrienne Smith discuss waterless personal care and the journey toward a plastic-free future with HiBar President Nora Schaper.

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The beauty industry is rife with plastic packaging and excess water, issues that until recently even brands focused on nontoxic formulations did little to address. But thanks to the tireless work of key beauty innovators, including this week's guest, HiBar Co-Founder and President Nora Schaper, the future of the beauty industry is looking a whole lot different than its wasteful past. In this week's episode of The Natural List, hosts Jessica Rubino and Adrienne Smith unpack what goes into removing plastic from the equation.

In this episode:

  • 2:00 - Today’s topic and trend: waterless personal care.

  • 2:55 - In the future, single-use plastic packaging is going to be as stigmatized as smoking. 

  • 6:30 - The impact of plastic: 14 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans.

  • 8:25 - Welcome to HiBar Co-Founder and President Nora Schaper and her empowerment blazer.

  • 10:20 - The motivation behind HiBar.

  • 13:20 - Why aren’t more brands going plastic-free?

  • 15:00 - Word of the day: anhydrous.

  • 17:05 - Matching consumer expectations and the lather factor.

  • 19:45 - Why is there a whole category for waterless personal care?

  • 22:30 - From hair care to the mythical lotion bar.

  • 24:15 - Going back to the drawing board.

  • 26:00 - What’s coming soon for HiBar - keep an eye out for these products!

  • 26:50 - How does HiBar approach consumer education?

  • 32:00 - A breakdown of HiBar’s vertical packaging.

  • 34:30 - Predictions for the sustainable beauty space.

  • 36:55 - It’s time for … The List with Jessica and Adrienne!

Brands featured in this episode’s segment of The List: HiBar, Spinster Sisters Co., ATTITUDE, Cocokind, Moon Valley Organics, Blueland, Badger and Georganics.

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Our guests

About Nora Schaper

HiBAR Co-Founder, President & Chief Growth Officer


Nora Manning Schaper is a co-founder of HiBAR, a company that is on a mission to inspire the removal of single-use plastic by redesigning personal care products to be beautiful, functional and plastic-free.

Your hosts 

About Jessica Rubino 

Jessica Rubino

Jessica Rubino is a natural products industry expert and content strategist with more than 15 years' experience in media, events and natural products. As New Hope Network’s vice president of content, Jessica oversees digital and print content, conference programming and branded content for CPGs, retailers, investors and service providers. Jessica is passionate about using innovation as a force for good and leveraging content to spark the changes we want to see in the world.  

About Adrienne Smith 

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith is the director of content for and the editor-in-chief of Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine where she helps ideate and produce content for natural products retailers, brands and entrepreneurs. Before coming to New Hope Network, she spent nearly two decades writing about food and beverage products and trends for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Trade in Madrid, Spain, as well as for publications including the International Herald Tribune/New York Times and El País.

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