New Hope Network's Amanda Hartt discusses research-backed methods for brands to share their sustainability messages with retailers and consumers.

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Consumers care about what brands are doing to engage in sustainable practices. In fact, more than 30% of natural channel shoppers in a recent survey conducted by New Hope Network have purchased a new product based on its sustainability claims within the past year. At the same time, consumers are wary of greenwashing and want to know the specific steps a brand is taking toward sustainability.

But when, where and how should brands share this information with consumers? How much should brands tell consumers about both successes and failures along the way? How much information is too much, and when is it not enough?

These are a few of the questions explored in this week’s episode of The Natural List, when hosts Jessica Rubino and Adrienne Smith sit down with New Hope Network’s Amanda Hartt, senior manager of data and insights, to talk about some of the takeaways from the recently published Special Report: Sustainability Marketing.

In this episode:

  • 3:05 - Sustainability messaging: the importance of communication strategies to help consumers.

  • 5:25 - Companies have to be vulnerable.

  • 6:50 - Welcome to Amanda Hartt.

  • 10:20 - What did you learn about the importance of sustainability messaging to consumers?

  • 13:40 - Consumers are paying more attention and finding new brands through social media.

  • 15:30 - Sharing the journey with consumers.

  • 15:50 - Omni-channel messaging.

  • 16:40 - How much should brands educate consumers on terminology?

  • 19:50 - Are certifications still important to consumers?

  • 22:45 - Summing things up in a nutshell.

  • 24:25 - It’s time for The List with Jessica and Adrienne!

Brands featured in this episode’s segment of The List: Airly Crackers, Moonshot Crackers, Numi Organic Tea, Cocokind, Neutral Carbon Neutral Organic Milk and Alec’s Ice Cream.

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To learn more about sustainability messaging strategy informed by generation and natural channel shopper insights, check out the Sustainability Marketing Special Report: How to amplify your brand's commitment.

Our guests

About Amanda Hartt

Senior Manager of Data and Insights
New Hope Network

Amanda Hartt

Amanda is on a mission to build healthy communities by transforming food systems. By combining research expertise with a decade's worth of studying and analyzing food systems she inspires sustainable innovation through data-driven insights. Building ethical and sustainable food systems is complex; questioning and curiosity are the tools she brings to the marketplace. Amanda is particularly passionate about advocating for mission driven brands working to create agency among small-holder farmers around the world.

Your hosts 

About Jessica Rubino 

Jessica Rubino

Jessica Rubino is a natural products industry expert and content strategist with more than 15 years experience in media, events and natural products. As New Hope Network’s vice president of content, Jessica oversees digital and print content, conference programming and branded content for CPGs, retailers, investors and service providers. Jessica is passionate about using innovation as a force for good and leveraging content to spark the changes we want to see in the world.  

About Adrienne Smith 

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith is the director of content for and the editor-in-chief of Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine where she helps ideate and produce content for natural products retailers, brands and entrepreneurs. Before coming to New Hope Network, she spent nearly two decades writing about food and beverage products and trends for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Trade in Madrid, Spain, as well as for publications including the International Herald Tribune/New York Times and El País.

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