Unboxed: 7 clean collagen powders with a twist

Explore seven noteworthy, clean collagen powders with additional functional ingredients to stock on your shelves.

Amanda Violet Ravotti, Content Creator, Retail and Digital

June 21, 2022

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Consumer interest is still going strong when it comes to incorporating collagen into diets.

The Nutrition Business Journal Collagen Report 2022 indicates that although growth has slowed from the 2018-2019 rates above 32%, the collagen market grew a strong 14.6% in 2021 and reached $222 million in sales. 

In response to this continued demand, brands are coming out with innovative collagen products that meet consumer demand for products that help support healthier lifestyles. In particular, more products combine functional ingredients with collagen to support different dietary needs such as probiotics and prebiotics for gut health alongside collagen's skin and bone support.

Nutrient-rich superfood ingredients are also included in many of today’s collagen powders, providing consumers with additional benefits .

Education is essential

Educating consumers about the different sources of collagen—such as the distinction between animal-sourced collagen and vegan collagen boosters—could help them make better purchasing decisions.  According to the report, 52.96% of consumers say they do not seek out specific types of collagen, while 42% report not caring where their collagen comes from. Overall, 75.2% of collagen users wish they knew more about collagen supplements. 

They might not know it yet, but sustainably sourced collagen from established manufacturers upholding excellent standards is valuable to consumers. This includes sourcing for grass-fed collagen, clean collagen ingredients and product purity testing, as well as good flavor profiles.

Allergy awareness is also rising as consumers seek out clean sources of collagen. As consumers learn more about allergens and collagen sources, they will experss more interest in labelling transparency and having minimal ingredients in collagen powders.

Different flavor profiles such as matcha, honey cinnamon and fudge brownie are also drawing consumer interest.

Click through the gallery to check out some clean-ingredient collagen powders.

NBJ Collagen Report 2022

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