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5 wellness products to check out at Natural Products Expo East

Whether it be improved sleep or soft skin, products that boost wellness will be hot at Natural Products Expo East 2018. Here's a sneak peek of wellness-focused products we're most excited about.

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5 wellness products to check out at Natural Products Expo East

The idea of the “wellness” has permeated the natural industry, and general consensus suggests that the unofficially defined term means an optimization of all parts of life. Products that target sleep, skin care mood and even feminine hygiene work synergistically to improve overall health.


SOM Sleep Zero Sugar
The impetus for launching this innovative brand was when CEO and Co-founder John Shegerian fell asleep at the wheel and almost crashed—a scary experience that prompted him to make a beverage that encouraged deeper, more restorative sleep. Drink this 8.1-ounce can 30 minutes before bedtime and the active ingredients including magnesium, vitamin B6, GABA and L-theanine will lull the drinker to sleep. A bit of melatonin will help knock one out when occasional restlessness really takes hold. SRP: $2.99; Booth 5203


Satya Kama Cream OG
This luxurious, thick body cream is crafted with food-grade, plant-based ingredients perfect for nourishing stubbornly dry skin. Inside you’ll find shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil and hemp seed oil—ingredients that melt into the skin. We love how Satya lists its core beliefs, which include upholding truth and non-violence—and walks the walk with a Certified B Corporation distinction and 1% For The Planet membership. SRP: $30; Booth 6566


LifeSeasons Mood Uplift-R
Science meets wisdom in this quality formulation designed to promote balance and calm. L-theanine, L-tyrosine, 5-HTP and B vitamins normalize nerve transmission, while saffron, rhodiola, lemon balm, passion flower and ginkgo help nourish and promote circulation. The result is a supplement that helps normalize the aspects of the nervous system and endocrine system that influences mood. SRP: $39.99; Booth 3953


Redd Remedies Curcumin T4
The Curcumin C3 Complex ingredient contains only the core inflammation-regulating power of turmeric. The adaptogen king ashwagandha is awesome for stress response, and a trio of TCM herbs—corydalis, phellodendron and cang zhu atractylodes—are quite unique. The three support harmony between the body and mind and keep the chi moving throughout your body. All in all, a solid four-step plan for support of joints, muscles, the brain and the stress response. SRP: $34.99; Booth 3319


Organic Initiative Organic Cotton Tampons with Biodegradable Applicator
Increasingly more women are growing concerned about the ingredients in conventional feminine care products—especially in tampons, because manufacturers aren’t required to disclose every ingredient inside. Organic Initiative is leading the chemical-free tampon revolution by offering tampons made with one ingredient: 100 percent organic-certified cotton. We love the cool packaging, too. SRP: $5.49; Booth 4812

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