Bellwether Farms' yogurt reaches more consumers as gut health trends upward

Co-founder Liam Callahan discusses the benefits of A2 whole-milk yogurt ahead of Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace at Expo West. Find out more.

Kelly Teal

February 21, 2024

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Bellwether Farms

Natural Products Expo West’s Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace is a one-day-only, farmers market-type event. New Hope Network spotlights a few of these brands to give buyers a taste of what they can find.

Gut health is all the rage these days, and Bellwether Farms hopes to find more fans of its microbiome-enhancing yogurt at the upcoming Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace at Natural Products Expo West.

The Sonoma County, California-based Bellwether Farms In the meantime, check out this short Q&A with co-founder Liam Callahan.

Bellwether Farms jersey cow

What “fresh ideas” will Bellwether Farms be showcasing at the Expo West Organic Marketplace?

Liam Callahan: We will be showcasing our A2 Organic Whole Milk Yogurt. The fresh idea is that yogurt made with A2 milk is easier for many consumers to enjoy. In addition, yogurt made with whole milk from Jersey cows is naturally thick and creamy without the need to add cream [or] thickeners or strain the milk to increase solids.

What most excites you about the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace?

LC: The Organic Marketplace has been the place within the larger show where attendees come to learn about some of the newest and most exciting items that will be seen, with a specific focus on organic.

Liam Callahan, co-founder, Bellwether Farms

What do you want attendees to know about Bellwether Farms before they see you at Expo West?

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LC: Bellwether Farms has grown within the crowded yogurt category by producing a better product. Our yogurts from both sheep and cow milk use milk with naturally higher solids. This eliminates the need for added processing or ingredients. Additionally, both of our yogurt lines are made with highly digestible A2 milks—sheep milk and Jersey cow milk. In the current market’s increased focus on gut health, our wholesome yogurts are finding fans across the country.

How have attendee perceptions of sheep’s and A2 milk changed since you started exhibiting at Expo West?

LC: Over the years, first with our sheep and more recently with our A2, we are finding fans who know we are serving real food on the show floor and return again and again. However, we still get large numbers of people who haven't had a chance to try. While we have a large group of core customers that tell us of the digestion benefits they experience, overall we have more consumers that are attracted to our yogurts for their quality. Many say they didn't think yogurt was made this way anymore—naturally thick and creamy by sourcing better-quality milk.

Sheep and pasture at Bellwether Farms

What didn’t I ask that you’d like readers to know?

LC: We feel that whole-milk yogurt is one of the original superfoods and consuming yogurt is good for you. If we consume whole-milk yogurts made with richer, more easily digestible milks, it is not only better for us but better for the environment—particularly when compared to the Greek- and Icelandic-type yogurts. Let me explain. Greek yogurt is typically nonfat and is also strained. This means they remove excess liquid to thicken the yogurt. Unfortunately, they remove a majority of the milk in this process. It might not be obvious at first glance, but this means Greek yogurt requires two to three times as many cows to make the same amount of yogurt. 

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Other thoughts you’d like to add?

LC: Bellwether Farms is still 100% family owned and is profitable. Sometimes it seems like we are in the minority at Expo, but our growth has come the old-fashioned way—people finding and enjoying our products and making them a part of their daily rituals.


Bellwether Farms will exhibit in Booth F107 at the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 13, in the white tent near the Marriott. It will also exhibit in Booth 4916 in Hall E on March 14-16. Visit the website for more about Natural Products Expo West or registration information.

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