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5 natural energy supplements5 natural energy supplements

Consumers increasingly need an extra lift to get through the day. Check out 5 favorite plant-based energy supplements that offer a natural boost while providing other vital nutrients.  

Heather B. Fried

August 27, 2013

3 Min Read
5 natural energy supplements

People are literally dying for some oomph faster than the Food and Drug Administration can pull energy-jolting products from shelves. Still, the masses are feeling energy depleted—and are tired of it. Given the controversy surrounding this stimulating subject, natural retail is in a unique position to pioneer the path toward real, sustainable energy sources that don’t compromise customers’ health or send them into caffeine-driven stress cycles. The good news is that manufacturers have picked up on this need, and in response, healthy energy is here to save the day—and maybe even shoppers’ lives. Customers are choosing these better options, with sales for vitamins and supplements targeting energy support increasing 5 percent in the 52 weeks ending April 13, according to SPINS. From cellular-level pick-me-ups to shots that mimic popular conventional energy products, consumers can now have all the energy with none of the stimulants

5 ways to get a natural buzz

Nordic Naturalsnordic_20naturals.png
CoQ10 Ubiquinol
Commonly associated with heart health, coenzyme Q10 also supports energy production by helping convert food into fuel. Nordic Naturals’ new supplement serves up 100 mg of Co-Q10 in the reduced, bioavailable, active antioxidant form ubiquinol, which is found in nearly every cell, tissue and organ. Because the body’s ability to convert Co-Q10 into usable ubiquinol diminishes with age, Nordic recommends this supplement especially for those older than 40. SRP: $59.95; Booth 4826

Jarrow Formulasjarrow.png
Not necessarily positioned as an energy supplement, Jarrow’s new QH+PQQ takes the reduced, ready-for-use form of Co-Q10, ubiquinol (from Kaneka QH), and adds PQQ (short for pyrroloquinoline quinone) to the mix. PQQ has been shown to stimulate creation of mitochondria, the body’s cellular energy factories. Jarrow designed this product to support cardiovascular health and cognitive function, since the heart and brain are two of the most energy-demanding organs. SRP: $39.95; Booth 4820

Energy SERJ
Previously sold only direct to consumer, BeeAlive’s Energy SERJ is new on the retail scene and serving up another energy shot alternative customers will surely reach for at the register. With fresh royal jelly fit for a queen bee and adaptogenic herbs eleuthero and schisandra, the shots can be taken straight or mixed with water or juice. SRP: $3.25; Booth 3600

Gaia Herbal-
Energy Plus
Gaia’s 2-ounce bottles keep with the popular energy shot trend, sans caffeine—well, save for a smidge from green tea, but that’s for antioxidant purposes. Otherwise, the energy’s in the herbs. Two varieties, Stress Response and Immune Support, address the root of feeling depleted. Both botanical blends have a common energy base, and Stress Response also includes adaptogenic herbs while Immune Support incorporates extracts of astragalus and schisandra.  SRP: $4.99, 2 oz.

NOW Foodsbiotin.png
Extra Strength Biotin
Biotin, or vitamin B7, is found in many B complex formulas—one of the foremost ingredient trends for energy support, according to SPINS. Biotin is necessary in the formation of certain body fuels, and NOW Foods ramps it up in an extra-strength formula that delivers double the biotin (10 mg) for energy, immunity and amino acid metabolism support. The vitamin is also thought to help support healthy blood sugar and nourish hair, skin and nails. SRP: $23.99; Booths 1817, 5820




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