Calorie Restriction Japan Society Established

October 9, 2008

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Calorie Restriction Japan Society Established

Information to suggest that limiting the number of calories absorbed through eating can prevent aging has been a hot topic in the world of anti-aging research; now, a group called the Calorie Restriction Japan Society has been established, which aims to put calorie restriction into practice in order to gain healthy longevity. Calorie restriction, or CR, is a health management method that aims to get its practitioners’ longevity genes working by maintaining healthy, nutritionally balanced eating habits while limiting calorific intake, which in turn prevents life-style-related diseases. There is data to suggest that limiting calorific intake from food to some extent will extend the life of most creatures.
CR is becoming a main current of anti-aging medical science. CR is being actively carried out in countries with obesity problems like the US and Canada, and other English-speaking countries. CR recommends reducing daily intake of calories to 60% of the usual amount, and has effects on lowering body temperature, reducing insulin concentration in the blood, and increasing the concentration of DHEA, from which hormones are made. CR was even highly evaluated in its effects by a Harvard University study of centenarians

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