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Health Heroes vs. Health Villains

Jessica Rubino

May 4, 2015

Health Heroes vs. Health Villains

Inaction. Pesticides. Convenience. Unhealthy snacks.

These are among the many unhealthy forces that taunt us every day. But they also challenge and inspire us to shift the health paradigm. Companies and parents, retailers and advocates are all pushing back against these villains in their own powerful ways, with even the smallest actions proving to have a big impact.

Watch as our own real life Health Heroes share how they go head-to-head with their Health Villains to create healthy disruption. And help us spread the mission of healthy disruption by sharing with us: Who's your #HealthHero and how do you fight your #HealthVillain? For every view this video gets, New Hope will donate 25 cents (up to $1,500) to the Growe Foundation, which helps educate children about healthy eating and caring for the environment.


PHOTO GALLERY: Meet our Health Heroes and see how they go head-to-head with their "Health Villains" to create healthy disruption. 

VIDEO: Our inspirations share what their #HealthHero names would be and how they would use their "health powers" to create a better world.


Be a #HealthHero

Fight your #HealthVillain


About the Author(s)

Jessica Rubino

Vice President, Content, New Hope Network

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