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New ingredients & products

Whole-grain soy flour
Kerry Americas? new whole-grain soy flour is made from Nutriant, the first soy flour to be recognized as whole grain according to the American Association of Cereal Chemists? definition for whole grains. Available in both full- and reduced-fat versions, the Nutriant whole-grain soy flour features 80 per cent more dietary fibre than whole wheat and can be used at inclusion levels that support ?good source? or ?excellent source? of FDA protein and/or fibre claims. Kerry Americas is a part of Kerry Group plc.

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New chromium formulation
Chromium 454, a patented biologically active oligopeptide complex, is 100 per cent water soluble and easily absorbed, says its maker, FutureCeuticals. Chromium is known to be essential to glucose transfer; reducing blood sugar levels; increasing insulin sensitivity; and helping reduce body fat, triglycerides and cholesterol. Chromium 454 is a Cr (3+) that can be used as a supplement, in meal replacement bars and beverages.

PrimaVu.jpgHerbal eye drop remedy
PrimaVu Herbal Eye Drops Acuta, a new formula by Molecular Health Commerce, contains HPUS 3X homeopathic dilutions of four herbal ingredients: fennel, yellow sweet clover, German chamomile and euphrasia. The formula is designed to relieve irritation and itchiness caused by pollution or allergies.

Mangoxan.jpgMangosteen liquid supplement
Mango?xan, named for its primary ingredient, the mangosteen fruit, and its unique nutrient compound xanthones, is a new liquid dietary supplement offered by Pure Fruit Technologies. Mango?xan has proven to have an extremely high antioxidant rating (ORAC score over 27,000 ?mole TE/L), which helps alleviate free radical cell damage, increasing energy and stamina, and supporting a healthy digestive system, the company says. Pure Fruit Technologies is a subsidiary of Morinda Holdings in Utah.

Colossus.jpgHigh-protein cookie snacks
Colossus? new soft-baked protein cookies provide 30g of protein from whey, egg and other sources, without the messy chocolate coating of many protein bars, its maker, Optimum Nutrition in Illinois, reports. They are sold in three flavours: chocolate chip, peanut butter chip and white chocolate chip. Optimum Nutrition is a leading nutritional supplements company that sells sports nutrition products under the brand names Optimum Nutrition, American Body Building, and Science Foods.

Vita-Myr maca available in bulk
Vita-Myr, a maker of natural toothpastes and mouthwashes, is now selling the ancient Inca plant maca as a bulk ingredient for food formulators in the US, Canada, England and Australia. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) only grows in a small region of the Andes above 15,000ft. Rich in seven essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fibres, Inca Gold Maca powder can be added to drinks or in foods like pastas or oatmeal. It is naturally low in calories and fat.

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Vitamin C soft chews
Zila Nutraceuticals has launched Ester-C Soft Chew in the US and Canada, the first soft chew vitamin C product in these markets. The 250mg soft chew has a sweet, tangy orange flavour, 20 calories and is low in carbohydrates. Additional flavours will be introduced in the future. With a two-year shelf life, it is ideal for toddlers and children, or for adults and seniors who have difficulty swallowing, the Arizona company reports.

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Red.jpgRed tea-based skin care line
Red Elements, a new skin care line by Jason Natural Products, combines Roobois tea (red tea), which is known to have nearly 50 per cent more antioxidants than green tea, with other natural ingredients to create nine anti-ageing formulas. Among them are a gel cleanser, hydrating lotion, claming toner and hydrating night cream. Other ingredients used are: witch hazel, a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory; zinc, an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory; chamomile extract to calm the skin; and sweet almond oil for hydration.

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Elleggance.jpgEgg replacement
The new Eleggance egg replacement system for baked goods provides the benefits of eggs in finished goods, including structure, gelation, emulsification and binding, says its maker, National Starch Food Innovation. Its use, however, can lower product formulation costs and reduce the fat and cholesterol values of foods. The ingredient can successfully replace 100 per cent of either fresh or frozen whole eggs or egg-white solids in test cookie applications.

+1 800 743 6343

Beijing company expands West
GreenHealth International Co, based in Beijing, is bringing its line of raw materials to Western product developers for the first time. Among its multiple offerings are bilberry and ginkgo biloba extracts; licorice flavonoids; marigold and milk thistle extracts; vincamine; vinpocetine; Methyl Sulfoyl Meftyl; and alpha lipoic acid. For a complete listing, contact the company.

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KoreanPineNuts.jpgPine nut ingredient for weight loss
Lipid Nutrition?s new appetite suppressant ingredient, PinnoThin, is derived from the Korean pine nut (Pinus koraiensis), whose active component is pinolenic acid. The fatty acid stimulates the feeling of satiety, the company reports, stimulating the hormone cholecystokinin, which is responsible for appetite control. A dose of 3g reportedly affects meal size and the amount of food consumed. The Dutch company is a division of Loders Croklaan.

+31 75 629 2911

Grit-free fibre
Purdue Products has introduced Senokot Bran Wheat Bran, a fibre supplement made with 100 per cent natural wheat bran. The Connecticut firm says its supplement, unlike conventional fibre products, is grit-free and mixes easily with water and doesn?t gel up after stirring. It is offered in orange flavour, orange without sugar, and flavour- and sugar-free.

+1 203 588 8515

Low-sugar sweets
Danisco Sweeteners? new Mind Body Chocolates promise all the benefits of antioxidant-powered cocoa with 1/3 less sugar and added fibre (over 5g per serving) for improved digestive health. Made with Litesse polydextrose, a high-fibre, low-glycaemic ingredient, the sweets are sold in peppermint ginger dark chocolate and cinnamon rosemary milk chocolate flavours. They are made without polyols or high-intensity sweeteners.

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quinoa.jpgOrganic instant quinoa cereal
AltiPlano Gold has created a high-protein, high-fibre, 75 per cent organic instant hot cereal made from quinoa. The grain is grown organically by cooperative farmers in Peru and Bolivia and the cereal is sold in a variety of flavours, including: Chai Almond, Oaxacan Chocolate, Orange Date, Spiced Apple Raisin and Regular. A 1/2 cup serving includes 6g of protein and 7g of dietary fibre, with only 3g of fat.

+1 415 928 9928

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