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NP_BeechNut.jpgNew baby-food line
Beech-Nut Nutrition in St Louis, Missouri, has launched Good Morning and Good Evening, a line of baby foods based on research that reveals the benefits of feeding infants at certain times of the day, and of infants' nutritional needs. The morning line contains foods rich in whole grains and soluble fibre to encourage a steady release of energy throughout the morning. At night, the foods are richer in proteins, to help build muscles for growing, the company says. The line — two 8oz dry cereals, and five varieties of 4oz jarred food each in Good Morning and Good Evening — also contains the prebiotic inulin, to assist digestion and the growth of 'good' intestinal bacteria. The company is the first to introduce a line of baby food with DHA and AHA, important building blocks of the central nervous system, and remains the only major baby-food brand free of added refined sugar.

NP_Xalo.jpgNew fusion drink from Xango
Xango has created a new formula, which will be marketed under the brand name, Xalo Juice (pronounced zay-lo) and was introduced this summer in Germany, Austria and Belgium. Xalo Juice is a proprietary fusion of aloe with mangosteen, as well as grape seed and green tea. The drink is designed to support digestive health and cleansing, revitalize skin, improve the proper absorption of vital nutrients, and boost natural energy levels. The recommended daily intake of is 1-3oz. Based in Utah, Xango is privately owned and powered by a global network of independent distributors. The company's expansive operations include the United States and numerous international markets such as Germany, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
+1 801 816 8000

Nutrient-infused coffee beans
Spava gourmet coffee is designed to improve physical and mental health without sacrificing flavour. It uses a patent-pending technique to imbue roasted Arabica beans with a variety of all-natural health supplements. Studies show that coffee's high antioxidant levels make it a powerful deterrent to illness, the manufacturer Voyava reports, and Spava's unique fortification technology maximizes these benefits. The coffee is certified organic and fair trade, and the line is available in five varieties: clarity (ginkgo biloba, white tea); flexibility (chondroitin sulphate); immunity (rosehips, echinacea); metabolism (green tea); and calm (passionflower and B vitamins).

NP_Optiwell.jpgWeight-management ingredient reaches Germany
Optiwell Control brings DSM's unique combination of oat and palm oils, called Fabuless, to the German marketplace. Fabuless combines the two naturally occurring dietary lipids in a novel emulsion, whose microstructure prevents the digestion of palm-oil droplets until relatively deep in the small intestine. Because undigested fat arriving in the ileum (the latter part of the small intestine) triggers an 'appetite satisfied' signal to the brain, consumers feel no need to take in more calories, can eat less and still feel satisfied. Dairy products containing Fabuless are already available in Italy (ActifControl by Latteria Merano) and in Portugal (by Lactogal). Optiwell Control is available in raspberry and orange flavours in all major German retail outlets.
+33 4 67 72 77 40

NP_PACran.jpgVegan, wheat-free snack
Cran-Blueberry Crunch, made with real fruit, is a vegan, non-GMO, cholesterol-free, wheat-free and certified gluten-free snack that is also kosher. Made by the international natural snack-food company Mrs. May's, it contains cranberries, blueberries, cashews, almonds and pistachios. Other Mrs. May's products fall into three categories: nuts, seeds and fruits, totaling 12 different flavours. The company is based in southern California.
+1 310 830 3130

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