Unboxed: 7 new sunscreens for summer

From advanced formulations to sustainable packaging, explore these new all-natural sunscreens that prioritize both skin health and environmental consciousness.

Gianna Rosenbach, Content Creator, CPG and Digital

March 28, 2024

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The demand for all-natural skincare solutions has surged in a world increasingly conscious of health and environmental sustainability. Holistic health and prevention will be driving forces for personal care trends in 2024. As far as skincare products go, sunscreen stands out as a crucial product not just for beauty but for long-term skin health.

Consumers this summer will be looking to the natural products industry for innovative, safe and eco-friendly sunscreen options. To meet this demand, retailers should pay attention to the following attributes in today's most sustainable and next-gen sunscreens:

Innovative formulations

Many brands are introducing SPF products with unique formulations, such as mist sunscreens, solid balms and SPF-infused makeup products.

Eco-conscious ingredients

As tourism increases, vulnerable aquatic ecosystems need more protection than ever. Mineral sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are considered reef-safe and offer broad-spectrum protection. Recyclable packaging and solid, waterless formats are leading the way in sustainability.

Hybrid products

Consumers are simplifying their skincare routines and paying extra attention to the many different ingredients they put on their skin. In response to these concerns, some brands are combining skincare benefits including antioxidants, moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients with SPF protection to create multi-functional products.

Click through the gallery to discover seven new all-natural sunscreen products that embrace these key attributes and that are set to revolutionize sun care routines. From cutting-edge formulations to sustainable packaging, each product is committed to harnessing nature's protective powers without compromising on efficacy or environmental impact.

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