30 products to celebrate B Corp month

With over 3,200 Certified B Corporations spanning 150 industries and 71 countries, all of these companies have one unifying goal: to redefine success in business beyond the bottom line and be a force for good in the world.

Lauren J. Archibald, Marketing Manager

March 24, 2020

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This March we’re celebrating B Corp Month and the companies that help each of us support a better future through the products we buy. Over 100 Certified B Corps including Patagonia Provisions, Lotus Foods, KeHE and Dr. Bronners were planning to exhibit at Expo West and showcase their latest products that help drive positive change.

These companies range from established industry pioneers to fast-growing emerging brands, all of which hit many of the seven key macro trends that New Hope Network has identified as current drivers within the natural products industry. 

Responsible packaging continues to be a major challenge for brands and is one of the most tangible initiatives that consumers look for from their favorite products. Clover Sonoma is the first dairy company in the U.S. to switch to a fully renewable plant-based milk carton, and Urban Spa has 92% less plastic than any other packaged hair care brand. 

Plant-based eating has gone from fringe to mainstream and sales grew more than 5x total retail food sales in 2019, according to new data from the Plant Based Foods Association. Brands such as Navitas Organics, Hippie Snacks and Sir Kensington's continue to innovate in this category and are making plant-based eating more accessible, simple and delicious. 

Certified B Corporations are sustainability, community and diversity leaders in the natural products industry. The following gallery features some of the forward-thinking products from these brands that would have been launched on the show floor at Expo West 2020, along with a short write-up of the product in the company's own words.

Search the B Corp Directory to see a full list of organizations driving positive change in their communities. 

Editor's note: special thanks to Lauren Archibald, marketing manager of Hippie Snacks, for her initiative and enthusiasm in bringing together this great community for this article.

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Lauren J. Archibald

Marketing Manager, Hippie Snacks

Lauren Archibald is the marketing manager of Hippie Snacks, a proud Certified B Corporation from Canada.

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