How the power of data optimizes buying

Christina Chambers, SPINS, and Matt Ryan, Independent Natural Food Retailers Association, deliver sage wisdom on how data can unlock insight-driven growth, improve consumer engagement and accelerate positioning in the natural foods marketplace.

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How the power of data optimizes buying

“Today’s consumer thinks differently then they thought in the past. Not only are they thinking about natural, organic and better for you, we have to figure out what’s driving those thoughts to be able to drive the next thing that’s coming down the pike, and it’s changing every day.”

Christina Chambers, SPINS

Part 1: Evolution 


  • The retail landscape is rapidly evolving. Consumers have a lot of opportunities for places to shop and this fragments consumer perceptions.

  • The evolution from natural to mainstream was really long but is getting shorter and shorter. The independent and natural channel retail brands need to evolve faster to keep up with conventional retailers.

  • Indie and natural retailers are considered incubators of innovation and consumer relationship leaders who pride themselves on having their thumb on the pulse of the natural industry.



Part 2: The role of data  


  • Buying is an art and a science, and data validates the art of buying 

  • In the midst of change, retailers and brands leverage data to adapt—this is a must.

  • Data uncovers the drivers of growth, assesses marketplace dynamics and identifies opportunities for innovation. 



Part 3: How INFRA uses SPINS data


  • The use of data on an operational level allows Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) to track the health of individual and organizational members as well as determine the best promotional opportunities within the industry. 

  • The opportunity for elevated efficiencies and bolstered successes is showcased in examples of how INFRA members use data to review and reset. 

  • What are the next steps if you want to gather your information for data review?



Part 4: Driving the next customer 


  • “When you look at incrementality and driving the consumer purchase, it’s not just about what is already selling really well, it’s about putting that thing out there that says ‘this is our brand, this is who we are’, and shows that you understand what value looks like through the consumer lens,” Christina Chambers said.

  • How do you know when you hit that optimal brand saturation on your shelves?

  • Individualization is so important to today’s consumer that there is no way to win with a blanket approach. 



Part 5: The leading edge 


  • Understand the trends, it’s not just numbers.

  • Understand your buyers and be ready when your market is ready. 

  • Beyond customer sales data, what opportunities exist to understand the customer?



Part 6: Looking ahead 


  • We’re on the cusp of how of how Natural 3.0 is changing.

  • We need to figure out how we meet the customer’s needs and how to apply that attribution to the industry as a whole. 

  • Instead of "better for you," what does "better tomorrow" look like in products? 


This session—Stock to Sell: How to be a Better Buyer—was recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2018. Click "download" below to access the presentation slides.

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