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Inside the Bottle 2024 Dietary Supplement Summit: Elevating trust with science – summit

A science-backed narrative and educating about the best practices that define supplement industry integrity is critical to the industry’s success. Join leading supplement industry professionals and retail experts and build your business roadmap supported by scientific rigor.

May 20, 2024

1h 35m View
Inside the Bottle 2024 Dietary Supplement Summit: Elevating trust with science

Date: Jun 13, 2024

Duration: 1h 35m

The supplement industry plays a key role in supporting consumer well-being. Through Inside the Bottle’s custom research, we’ve learned that consumers do not always understand how to discern supplement quality and product benefits; they seek clear, honest information and greater transparency.

The supplement industry exists to elevate well-being and healthy lifespan. Supporting the science narrative and educating about the best practices that define supplement industry integrity is critical to the industry’s success — and is the theme for our 2024 Inside the Bottle Summit. Our fast-paced event will explore data and tactics to support science-backed solutions and the information needed to educate brands, retailers and consumers about them.

Join leading supplement industry and retail experts, share your perspectives, and dive into these critical issues shaping the future of the dietary supplement industry. Attend this session to build a business roadmap that’s supported by scientific rigor. 



Francine Schoenwetter 
Director, Content Marketing, SupplySide


Jessica Rubino 
Vice President, Content, New Hope Network 


Session 1  

NBJ and SPINS supplement industry predictions: Where nutrition science and data meet 

Nutrition Business Journal Senior Data Analyst Erika Rommel Craft unveils up-to-date supplement industry numbers, focusing on key condition specific growth categories. Scott Dicker, Market Insights Director with SPINS, will join Erika as they overview product category winners fueled by clinical science and research, plus consumer survey insights about what they look for on pack that drives trust.

Build your supplement business strategy with concepts that meet consumers' desire for effective products. This is do-not-miss content for anyone engaged in new product development and merchandising strategies.

Session 2 

FDA and FTC updates: What to know about clinical science regulatory requirements and enforcement 

Consumers want to easily understand supplement product benefits on-pack. Structure function health claims help and to appear as a label claim, FDA required two clinical studies. What are the actual qualitative study requirements and does FDA draw distinctions? What is the FDA’s view on “borrowed science?” What are FDAs enforcement actions? And, how can the industry best help consumers understand these regulated requirements?

Join us we to tie together how regulations are linked to clinical science, dispelling the notion that the supplement industry is unregulated and substantiating why the industry must prioritize communicating how clinical science supports safe and effective products. Companies bolstering these messages are building consumer trust.

Session 3 

Understanding clinical research design: How to access and evaluate published data integrity   

Science is the foundation for supplement product quality. The industry produces effective and safe products, offering alternatives that empower their health. Understanding what goes on behind the scenes clinically and building education and communication strategies for Industry stakeholders, suppliers, brands, practitioners and retailers alike, is pivitol for driving consumer trust in supplements.

In this session you will learn about study designs and what to ask suppliers, brands and manufacturers about product design and key talking points for communicating to your customer and consumers.

Session 4 

A round table discussion with a retailer, brand and supplier. 

Consumer education strategies: tactics for communicating science and product benefits   

Which communication strategies can retailers, influencers and brands apply to help consumers discern science, quality and efficacy in dietary supplements? During this dynamic discussion, we’ll provide actionable insights to consider as you develop communication partnerships that will advance the mission of your business and the dietary supplement industry at large. 

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