Not all salts are created equal: Sodium and remineralization – webinar

Dr. Darrin Starkey, ND, will cover the reasons why minerals like sodium are often lacking in modern diets.

May 23, 2024

30 Min View
Not all salts are created equal: Sodium and remineralization

Date: Jun 11, 2024

Duration: 30 Min

What are the latest innovations shaping the future of human health that you need to know about—including the latest generation of supplements? Hear from Newtopia Now Thrive Neighborhood exhibitor Trace Minerals as they discuss the critical role sodium plays in helping your cells maintain the right balance of fluid and the latest products they’ll be showcasing at Newtopia Now to maintain healthy levels of this much needed mineral. 

Join this 30-minute webinar as Dr. Darrin Starkey, ND, VP of Training and Education at Trace Minerals, explains why sodium is often lacking in our modern diets and how minerals work with one another within the body. We’ll discuss the fact that all salts are not created equal and why it’s so valuable to source ionic sea minerals like those that are added to ZeroLyte from Trace Minerals.

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Nancy Coulter-Parker
Director of Content Marketing, New Hope Network



Dr. Darrin Starkey, ND
Vice President of Training and Education Trace Minerals

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